I know I say this every time the new issue comes out, but the new issue of Italian Vogue has so many off-the-chain good stories in it, that I was overwhelmed in a good good way. I stand at the newsstand, going through every single magazine that looks like it might be interesting, only to be disappointed with the lack of fashion stories and the lack of good fashion stories. Italian Vogue never wavers. They always bring it. I'll be posting another fashion story later this week because it's another super Glam Rocker spread that I am going crazy for. But this beauty story was really gorgeous with all its gypsy style in bonbon colors. Shot by Richard Burbridge. And I love the model choice, too...her name is Magdalena Frackowiak. (Honestly, I call it Gypsy, but it could also be some kind of royalty...also looks old Persian and even Moroccan. So I don't know....maybe candy princess? Whatever the inspiration, stylist Robbie Spencer killed it!)♡

more makeup monday ♥ lips and polka dots

images from vogue italia

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