LOW ON HIGH, the latest self-titled record from artiste supreme Amy Davis and auteur Jon Moritsugu's band RULES. For reals. It's wet gloss on your steel gui-tar. (And that's the way they like it.) I know Amy from way back in the day when she was doing her Style Fiends page for Paper magazine and designing up a storm for some fashion houses. You might also recognize her work from her countless collections for LeSport Sac (which I own many pieces of) or lovely packaging and products she did for Hard Candy cosmetics a few years ago. And her mate is  filmmaker extraordinaire Jon Moritsugu, who's done some amazing things, too. He is a cult figure in the film industry, and I'll be featuring some of his classics including Mod Fuck Explosion and Scumrock in the future. And, pretty soon you'll get a  sneak peek of their  new new film!!! Stay tuned! (They're still in production as I am typing this.) Oh, did I mention that Amy is fully involved in all the films as well as acting in them?

Well, some of us have been lucky enough to hear the tunes their bands have produced (I myself own one 45 and one cassette tape, thank you)...but thank GOD now they have an actual CD with oldies and newbies and it kicks ass, honey...you can sample the songs and buy the record on Amazon. My suggestions/favorites would be "I LIKE", "BABYDOLL", "C'EST LA", "WHY ARE YOU" (which is an especially amazing and addictive track) and "STRAWBERRY VIOLETS"...but the entire album is good. And, like everything these two do, it's insanely stylee, too. I love it because it reminds me of the gritty punk/new wave stuff I'd hear way late in the middle of the night when I moved to LA in 5th grade. Everything they played in the wee hours was raw GOODNESS. With LOW ON HIGH you even get radness album artwork by Emily Ryan (also one of my favorite artists).

I'll be interviewing them lots on here in the future. Promise. As for their tunes, that stuff is going to soundtrack a movie I write one day. Just you wait.♡

Hot mama Amy Davis killing it...
the amazing freaks: Jon Moritsugu and his lady Amy Davis

more wednesday bag ♥ olympia le tan

all images courtesy of Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu
back cover of Low On High illustrated by Emily Ryan

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