I had to include this one last thing for GEISHA WEEK ON NANCY GIRL. Apparently a big Geisha beauty secret is...nightingale droppings! Yes, that means bird poop. I read a couple of places that it's been used for centuries to "keep skin smooth and fresh." And the nightingale droppings contain some enzyme that has a skin-lightening effect. And there are even spas who use this as a treatment! I read that this is not a quick fix. Rather, it's a life-long skin routine where you rub it onto your skin with warm water and then leave it and then rinse it off. I've heard about a lot of things, including abolone shells. But the fact that they've been using this for centuries is just strange. I mean, how did they figure this out centuries ago? Who was the first Geisha to try this skin miracle? Must work if it's been around this long.

a japanese nightingale! so cute!

Ok I have ONE more Geisha thing I have to include...I loved the Geisha Week a lot. There were so many gorgeous images to peruse through. I needed a 10-day week to showcase everything. Maybe in the future....so here is the one last, possibly, thing I'm going to have on here for GEISHA WEEK! The real MAKEUP MONDAY post will be up a bit later! It's a gorgeous one...do not miss out. And thanks for reading, lovelies! xx♡

A photo of BOY GEORGE as a Geisha! Love him.

more makeup monday ♥ eley kishimoto nails!

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