OOOOOOooooooo. I love the things Giles Deacon does with clothes and looks for women. I really loved and enjoyed this show (if you haven't watched the live version, please do so...the post is here). I love all the leather eyelet/cutouts and that lovely blush or bisque leather, the horse prints (I know that's very Chloé, but it still works here...I'd still wear a lot of those looks) and those swans (are they swans or cranes?), as well as the gorgeous beaded dresses! I want about half the collection in my wardrobe!!! (Not to mention those cute little striped and satin espadrilles!)♡

i always love a little baby doll ensemble.
I really love this. I'm not the biggest fan of satin, shiny satin, but I do love this. I think it would look really chic and effortless on a creative lady.
this model is starting to grow on me. i know it has to do with the way they styled her (the agency...that white bob next to that white skin and those giant brown doe eyes)...but i love this dress so much. even though, again, it is very much like a chloé print.

these beaded dresses are amazing. i would rock this entire look from head to toe if i could. it's brilliant. and fun, which is what i like.

i think these hats looked great for the show. but without the hats, the dress is still amazing.

i really do love this satin espadrille...so cute. is it a brogue espadrille, though?

more thursday shoe  ♥ bernhard willhelm

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