I have to say that I do miss a lot of people I left behind in New York when I left a few years ago. A lot of them are fashion people, like the boys behind Ruffian– Brian and Claude. I had just started getting to know them, having done two stories on them, a little one for Oyster and a bigger one with a full shoot for Anthem. Though not everything they create suits me or my taste necessarily, Brian and Claude do manage to have a clear clear clear vision of what they want to do, how they would like to see women dress, and they stick to it. Nevertheless, I do always enjoy seeing their new collections and what they'll do next. I'm also very happy that they're still around designing (unlike some of my other favorite designers who aren't really doing shows anymore...Alice Roi and Liz Collins, to name a few). Here I am not sure what they were going for as the reviews aren't up yet, but I do see a lot of toile, and a lot of an almost Teddy girl vibe. I have to go back later and see if their nails are special at this Spring Summer 2013 show or if they're wearing their Mac collection special edition nails again. Though I can see some blue and some pinky-red nails going on there.♡

claude (left) and brian (right)...still cute as ever.

more saturday shopping ♥ the 3 faces of me

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