So today ended up being crazy and so there will be a couple of posts up tomorrow. But I also wanted to let you know that I updated the Biba Dudu Look post that's usually one of the top ten posts. I have a picture of some vintage Biba makeup I have, mainly lipsticks, and I never swatched them. But I swatched them so now you can see the true original cosmetic colors from BIBA when it was KING. And the colors will not disappoint. Don't you want to see what the color "METALLIC GRANDMA" looks like???? I know there's probably a lot more of that Biba and Mary Quant makeup in my old toy boxes. I hope I find them in the future! Okay...so here's the updated post! Until tomorrow! xxx♡



I loved the trailer for this Miu Miu fashion film called "It's Getting Late"...I'm about to watch this full-length version myself right after I post this up. I am sure I will like it. Or like the clothes enough that I'm drooling. And I like that it's made by a Persian girl from Southern Cali (the OC) named Massy Tadjedin. Right on for Persian girls!

Okay...I watched a lot of it...I'm still watching it. And I like it. But from the lighting to the style to the music selection, it seems like a pretty big bite off of Sofia Coppola's style (though Sofia would have chosen better music).♡

more thursday shoe ♥ jerome c rousseau


Ivana Helsinki have released a video along with the invitation to their runway show and after party during New York Fashion Week (which is coming up quickly!) showcasing their Spring Summer 2013 collection titled, "Mourning Sun Motel". I love all the little dresses in the Ivana Helsinki collections and I love their casting and styling in everything. And the little fashion films they do for each show/collection (which are created and filmed by the designer Paolo Suhonen herself). This one is simple and really showcases these sweet dresses. I especially love all the black lace mini dresses.♡

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They don't have as many hits as some other people on YouTube, but I think the videos are too amazing not to share. The makeup artist in all of them is Makeup Atelier's Hélène Quillé and she is such an artist! SKILLS! :) I love all the videos. I also love the names they give each look or theme. This is their YouTube channel and this is their website. I guess they have product and amazing people working for them and I guess they also have a school. I know Wayne Goss does mention them quite a lot. But he's the only one I ever see talk about Makeup Atelier and how good they are.

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I really like this shoot for (methinks) the September issue of Italian Vogue. This is a  story of badasses. I love the kitchen. And I love the androgyny. These do look like girls in New York, maybe on a cold rainy/snowy day when they really haven't been able to get out as much because of the crappy weather. When you live in a place like New York, it can get really depressing in the winter, too, just like any other town where you have to stay inside (even worse in New York if you have a tiny apartment like most people do there). I like it. The fashion story. If I was 10 feet tall and was skinny as hell, I could look like that, too. ;) This for me is a modern rocker (as in Heavy Metal rocker) girl story. I like it.

Shot by Steven Meisel. Hair Jimmy Paul for Bumble and Bumble. Make-up Pat McGrath (of course!). Fashion editor Karl Templer. Set design by Mary Howard.♡

this is such a modern version of an 80s rocker girl look. i love it. there are those hot versace boots i just wrote about here!

more tuesday tailor  ♥  prada candy

images from italian vogue


As the days pass on, I am noticing my skin getting even more dry. I don't know why. I know I should be drinking a lot more water than my normal one-liter bottle a day. I do exfoliate my skin with good stuff about twice a week. For whatever reason, my skin is changing and the normal moisturizer I've been using forever is not really cutting it right now. Then I remembered I picked up this Dermalogica Intense Moisture Balance before going to my gig in the freezing Midwest last December. But I never really used it there. So I took it out of the box and tried it. And wow...this stuff is amazing. My skin looks so hydrated and smooth. The texture is quite thick coming out of the tube, so I only need a pea-size drop. And it smells lovely, an almost no-smell smell. Here is what the website says:
Vitamins C and E help soften while shielding against free radical damage, as Vitamin A, Coneflower and Grape Seed help repair prematurely-aging skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

I love this. If my skin continues to look like this, then the Dermalogica moisturizer will most definitely become my new everyday skin moisturizer. For morning and evening. It's pricey, but for your skin and haircut and makeup brushes, it really pays to invest.♡

more makeup monday ♥ toxic nature


I love the tiny trailer. So far, I think it's a great look at different women of different ages, all looking chic in Miu Miu. I would love to be getting ready like that every day in Miu Miu clothing and shoes! GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see the full film.♡

more sunday matinee ♥ vidal sassoon the movie



I have asked my good friend Masayo Kishi to start guest blogging on here, because she works on so many incredibly beautiful fashion projects and she doesn't really blog herself. And she agreed to be a part of Nancy Girl! Lucky for you, readers (and for me!) because she truly does amazing work and I look forward to working with her on many future projects! So here is her first real guest blog post and it's amazing! I hope you like it as much as I do!♡

Very nice to "meet" you all, girls (and guys), who read my lovely friend Mandana's blog Nancy Girl. I am a stylist in NYC and own an e-commence vintage bookstore as hobby. I've also been working on my own zine project. Now I'm a guest blogger for Nancy Girl. Hope you enjoy it.

Today I would like to write about my latest project (that I have produced in addition to styling it, which is what I primarily do).  It's an advertising campaign and online launch for one of Japan's high-end Shochu brands called Kappa no Sasoimizu. This is the brand's first US promotion. My client wanted to focus on people in high-end fashion & art, so I suggested T magazine's Fall Fashion issue as the best magazine to feature the debut US campaign (T magazine is the New York Times' fashion magazine). And that's what we did.  Not only did I style the campaign, but I was also the producer and art director; I conceptualized the entire campaign. (Shochu is a clear liquor, distilled most commonly from sweet potato, rice and buckwheat. I would say it's like a Japanese vodka.)

All images were shot by Luis Sanchis. He is a great photographer. We both brought many ideas to our meetings and have been collaborating on many projects together since then.  I will write about our upcoming shoot in my next Nancy Girl post. 

Please visit Kappa website (if you are of legal age) when you have a moment. It's beautifully designed by Endashspace.com and follows the same campaign you see below.



I got this little video from a friend who runs and owns one of the best music PR firms out there, Biz 3. I didn't know what it was going to be like, but I do like the style of the illustrations and the voice overs. Silly and fun. Here is what the email says about the video:
The iconic Mrs. Tependris is back in this animated short for the Co. fashion label.  It appropriately pokes good natured  fun at fashion, art, high brow society.  Our friends Paul Hahn and Cedric Hervert directed and produced it

Enjoy it and happy Friday! ♡

more girl friday ♥ grace coddington's book


I might have a guest blogger post something on here in a bit. If not today, then tomorrow. It's fantastic because it's my dear friend, stylist Masayo Kishi, who is really one of the most talented fashion people I know. Plus she is funny as hell. If she doesn't get back to me today, then I'll post something a bit later and post up her guest story tomorrow. 

BUT...I mentioned there was so amazing press this week. I posted up the review of my novel on Searching for Style earlier this week. Yesterday a review and interview with me went up on VICE.COM ! And it's really awesome! I am super happy with it and super happy that people like my novel! :) If you'd like to see it (and a picture of my little dog, too, with me), then go here

I want to thank Christina Catherine Martinez for really taking the time to explain my book and read my book and like my book. :) It's also really nice to be on the Vice site because I have a sentimental attachment to the magazine (how could that be, right?). Way back in the day, at least 10 years ago or around there, I befriended some of the Vice boys including a couple of the founders. And I had many fun times with them. (The icon of the face you see as the favicon on the site and on the corners of the pages in the magazine is one of the dudes.) They are really brilliant geniuses and very sweet sweet men. It's so nice to have my book featured in their publication.

Thanks also to my loyal readers. I am sorry things have been off and on on this blog recently. I really do need a vacation and to have some fun. I have been too much work work work. But thanks so much. If any of you have blogs and are interested in reviewing the book, I would love that, too. It doesn't just have to be big magazines. 

Thanks again. See you later with either a guest post or my own post! ♡

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I am so sorry. I have been dealing with a lot of stuff good and just stuff I have to take care of. A really great article came out today...I was interviewed for VICE. I'll do a post on it tomorrow. I am too tired right now. I need to get off this computer! :) 

Okay...so I would love it if I was on vacation somewhere amazing right now, sitting on a balcony sipping my favorite champagne or whatever and wearing this lingerie by Dolce and Gabbana. I love these. Like if your hair is simple and your face is clean and you have some neutral or red nail polish on and you have a fresh tan. Yes. I love this set. This is why I never look at lingerie on Net-a-porter. It's torture. I want everything. Pretty much. :)♡

i love this bra. it's only $510 :/
stretch-silk high-waisted panties. LOVE. only $430 a pair (that means one). :/
Ohhh I love this robe so much. This is the kind of thing I look for when I am vintage shopping. Something very rockstar girlfriend/old Hollywood thing. It's $1250. Only. :)

Voila! Me on my break from doing "stuff' every day and celebrating the cool article and reviews of my novel. I can dream about the outfit and the break and the champagne. :)


more thursday stuff ♥ louboutin duvette

images from net-a-porter



I'll do a proper post a bit later, but extra thanks for Alexandra Suhner Isenberg for doing a post about my novel Arcadia for her amazing style blog SEARCHING FOR STYLE. She asked me to send her some images that represent the era in the book, and I did. She has the funniest comments about them. :) 

Check out her blog here. 
Check out the book updates and news here
Sign up for Facebook if you like and Twitter 
(the one for the novel...click the link on the side for 
Nancy Girl's Twitter). 

Thanks again to Alex. And there is more news coming soon about the novel (including a give-away). See you back here later for a Wednesday post. Thanks for reading! xxx ♡

more wednesday bag ♥ marc jacobs teddies



Fan-cy. "Let me get you some tea in my Eley Kishimoto mugs..." How fancy. How exclusive. Eley Kishimoto never surprise me. They do EVERYTHING. These mugs are also limited edition. FAN-CY! Available on their website .♡

peek-a-boo mug

lady mug

shattered mug

more tuesday tailor ♥ history of gucci 1994-2003



I think Lana Del Rey is a great example of amazing marketing. To me, she still looks like a very Upper East Side girl...but from Jersey (isn't that where her wealthy family lives? Isn't her real name Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant? Maybe I'm wrong). It's the HAIR AND THE MAKEUP that transform this girl from average to amazing. That nose and those lips could look very very bad and very plastic surgery if the makeup was wrong. For this August Italian Vogue issue, Lana Del Rey is shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, who is known for shooting saucy girls. The clothes are nice. She could have been in anything pretty much with that hair and makeup. Hair is by CHARLIE LE MINDU (of course! amazing!) and the makeup is by STEPHANIE KUNZ (brilliant brilliant...I want that makeup). Put it this way, if I was going to be shot with these two doing my hair and makeup, I would not care about the clothes as much...!♡

that doesn't even look like her. weird shot.

more makeup monday ♥ metallic smoky eyes



Just a very interesting montage of news clips about what's been going on around the world. Something to think about.♡

more sunday matinee ♥ vintage fiorucci



This week, we lost one of my all-time favorite heroes, Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown. I love so much about this woman. I love what she did in an era where little wife-y was the way women were being portrayed (not that it's horrible, but not every girl wants to wear an apron and have a kid and make dinner for her mate every day). I love Sex and The Single Girl; I own a very old 60s paperback copy of it and I love it so much (though the film has good fashion and good actors, it does not resemble the book in any way). I love love love all those old Cosmopolitan magazines (as you can see from the posts on this blog). She had strong opinions on where women stood in the world and gave a face to the woman who was sexy, strong and driven at the same time. What's also interesting is that she was a copywriter in the advertising world before she took Cosmopolitan on...and that was only after she proposed another magazine to the Hearst corporation. They turned it down but offered her the Editor in Chief gig at Cosmo.

Cosmo has no sexiness left in it anymore. It's so boring and bleh these days. It would have been nice if they had given the magazine back to her. She ruled it for around 30 years! It's very hard when you lose one of your heroes...some of them really helped you get where you wanted to go and/or inspired you to figure out what it is you want to do.

RIP Helen Gurley Brown. And thank you. :( xxx♡

from The New Yorker

A very vintage Cosmopolitan cover with Linda Evangelista from the early 90s and HGB in her Pucci.

more girl friday ♥ makeup artist alex box



These boots are so hot! Though, They're not something you can just throw on with anything you're wearing.....unless you look like Francoise Hardy or someone like that. But they are amazing, very 60s and were a hot number during the show. I love love these Versace mesh and leather knee boots. If I found them on sale, in my size, I would totally add them to my collection! Available right now at net-a-porter.♡

come to think of it, these looks suspiciously similar to some Marc Jacobs booties from around 5 years ago..the ones with the slouchy socks and that same or similar heel. though i think those were much higher.

more thursday shoe ♥ geisha sandals


I love these bags from Jil Sander (the last maybe or some of the last Raf designs). I think the messages are perfect. TRUST AND FAITH. It's always these two things that most humans are tested on. Will I ever get to own these bags? I guess I need to have trust and faith. Available at Colette. PS I wonder whose handwriting they used for those words.♡

more wed wonder ♥ herchcovitch 2012 spfw