I swear I love every single outfit in this collection, plus all the sunglasses. And maybe even the shoes. This is the video lookbook for the newly arriving KAREN WALKER'S SEA MONSTERS collection. It will be in her store or online tomorrow, methinks. I also always love the styling of Karen Walker models. I think Heathermary Jackson (of The Face...which I got to write for three times before it tanked) styles all her stuff, or used to, or sometimes does. And she is the shit. Okay...here is something you can read about her....I mean, she was the fashion editor at The Face! I'll have to do a post on The Face since I was lucky enough to write a tiny bit for them before they folded...amazing magazine.

Karen's Sea Monsters from Karen Walker on Vimeo.

Here's a shot of an article about Steven Meisel in The Face. I have a bunch of these magazines in storage. They are amazing.♡

more thursday shoe ♥ topshop velvet sandal heel

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