This is a newly discovered film called SIDE BY SIDE from 1975 (methinks). I only got through a few bits at the beginning because I've been busy with other things. But I read a lot of good things about it. I think it's about two club owners who battle for one club license. I found the entire film online, so if you have some free time...here's a film for you to watch. This probably has some adult scenes. Maybe. Not sure. But I think it was shown on TV, so it can't be too risque...can it? 

The reason I looked this film up is because, just by accident, I stumbled onto a clip from the film that takes place in the Biba rooftop gardens (a restaurant inside of Big Biba!)...so you can see the interior, menus and waiter uniforms! The Biba rooftop gardens clip is below. But I bet there is more Biba in the film if I watch it all the way through, which I'm about to do. Happy Sunday! PS I would KILL for that sweater (jumper) he's wearing in the scene below (can also see it in the opening of the film)...looks like a giant Biba girl face. Must be Biba.♡

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