I have asked my good friend Masayo Kishi to start guest blogging on here, because she works on so many incredibly beautiful fashion projects and she doesn't really blog herself. And she agreed to be a part of Nancy Girl! Lucky for you, readers (and for me!) because she truly does amazing work and I look forward to working with her on many future projects! So here is her first real guest blog post and it's amazing! I hope you like it as much as I do!♡

Very nice to "meet" you all, girls (and guys), who read my lovely friend Mandana's blog Nancy Girl. I am a stylist in NYC and own an e-commence vintage bookstore as hobby. I've also been working on my own zine project. Now I'm a guest blogger for Nancy Girl. Hope you enjoy it.

Today I would like to write about my latest project (that I have produced in addition to styling it, which is what I primarily do).  It's an advertising campaign and online launch for one of Japan's high-end Shochu brands called Kappa no Sasoimizu. This is the brand's first US promotion. My client wanted to focus on people in high-end fashion & art, so I suggested T magazine's Fall Fashion issue as the best magazine to feature the debut US campaign (T magazine is the New York Times' fashion magazine). And that's what we did.  Not only did I style the campaign, but I was also the producer and art director; I conceptualized the entire campaign. (Shochu is a clear liquor, distilled most commonly from sweet potato, rice and buckwheat. I would say it's like a Japanese vodka.)

All images were shot by Luis Sanchis. He is a great photographer. We both brought many ideas to our meetings and have been collaborating on many projects together since then.  I will write about our upcoming shoot in my next Nancy Girl post. 

Please visit Kappa website (if you are of legal age) when you have a moment. It's beautifully designed by Endashspace.com and follows the same campaign you see below.

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