I had forgotten that I owned this issue of Lula...it's issue nine. I can't find the date or year anywhere for it.  But it must be a couple of years old. I know all of the stories, but I forgot I actually owned the issue in which they all appear. This is an amazing issue if you can get your hands on it. Especially the cover featuring covergirl Karen Elson. I have a liking for this model. I don't know if I would like her as much if I hadn't met her once at a Dazed and Confused (magazine) party (when I was still writing for them). It was in New York and she looked so simple...like a hippy girl you'd see at a Grateful Dead show (when The Dead actually played and Jerry was still alive). The thing is, she was so so nice. Super cool girl. I love all about this shoot, especially her makeup. It's just too too amazing for words. I have tried to capture some of it close up for you below...I actually do have some makeup reviews and skincare reviews to post. But I've had terrible insomnia and so I am now typing like a robot girl before I pass out. I shall post them up later, though. Promise. x♥

absolutely amazing makeup. i love love those eyes. i want to do my eyes that way. if i can!

more amazing face ♥ skin79 bb cream

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