I really am the biggest fan of Chanel, as most are. And I love love love Karl. But I have to admit that I just don't get it anymore. As I was browsing through all the looks from the Resort 2014 collection, I couldn't help but gasp at how unflattering most of the looks were. I mean, those models are TWIGS...and a lot of the looks make them look chubby, frumpy, short and stalk-y. But there were a couple of looks that I thought were fun and super chic. A couple...♥

a straight reference from Chanel herself. looks lush and cashmere and i'd love to put that on if i was at the beach and it was now getting late and a bit chilly

pretty cute.

i love that nude color with black piping

that bathing suit is a winner. but those shoes look old lady.

more tuesday tailor ♥ prada's "a therapy" film

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