On the way to the ranch, I had to stop off to make a payment on a Sears credit card. Sears isn't a place I shop at. We go there for car tires and big appliances for the home like washers and dryers and refrigerators...stuff like that. 

a beauty haul...ranch style. :)
 BUT while I was standing in line to pay the bill, I noticed a lot of 60% off signs in the beauty department. The beauty department looks a lot like an Ulta. It has all the drugstore brands plus NYX plus some higher end things and a lot of amazing skincare and spa bath toiletries. I decided to go on over and check it out. OMG...I scored! I also picked up a couple things for my mom...I guess they're trying to get rid of everything ASAP and then they won't carry beauty anymore.

What I got: a Revlon lip butter in FIG JAM...I used to always buy the Clinique lip balm in Black Honey or something like that and I'm stoked that this looks like a perfect match and feels amazing on my skin. More later on this...a Revlon Colorstay foundation for myself and two for my mom (though there are only two shown here)...after the discount, they were only around $5 each!!! And I love love this foundation (as you can see/read here)...a Covergirl nail polish in FOREVER FAWN...a nude/milky chocolate color...these are made in FRANCE, people! So cheap after the discount!...a Revlon blemish concealer...first time I am trying this....it has salicylic acid...so far, so good...my mom got a Revlon undereye concealer...we'll see...AND THEN....I was able to also score two really amazing Dermalogica products!...the MULTIVITAMIN POWER RECOVER MASQUE!...I used it last night because of the drive and the dirt and the dry air here...and I love it!...especially for 60% off!...and I was also lucky enough to get the DAILY MICROFOLIANT...I probably won't use this every day as it says. But it has good ingredients in it including colloidal oatmeal...which I love....I will review it later as I will with the others...!

We might go to the Sears here to see if they have anything else around. I saw some Ahava products and I want to see if I can score an overnight serum...because I LOVE those!

More about the trip soon!

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