...And it's super cool. She sounds down with it. I like that she's moving forward. Speaking from loads of experience with brands and fashion shows....of course it was always nice to watch some of the shows. But for the most part, I was confused about how much work and money they'd spend for literally less than 20 minutes. I'm someone who has been hired to conceptualize and create events and other fun things...unconventional ways of promoting the brand. So it's lovely to hear Donatella actually discuss it, which I also think is radical. They uploaded this to YouTube and she's talking about everything as though we, the consumers, are involved in the creative process. Utter genius. It's always also very sweet whenever she talks about Gianni. You know she still thinks about him every single day and is ever grateful for his genius.

I also did a bit of thrifting today...I haven't done that in a long time. I was looking for something fantastic and sparkly or dark and sparkly, which I did not find this time. :( But I took a few pics nevertheless and I'll post those soon...maybe tomorrow. AND I got the links for my interview on BBC Radio! I'll do a post on that very soon. Maybe this weekend. I had to edit it and such so you didn't have to hear the entire show if you didn't want to. Everyone said I did great, but I still think I sound like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (one of my all-time favorite films)!♥

more thursday things ♥ marni winter edition 11/12

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