I absolutely love love this hair story editorial from Elle Bulgaria. I also love the model, Sarah Baumann, who looks very very young. But I think she's adorable here. I love the color and the big curls and the lack of makeup. I wish the trend for huge curly hair would return and all these straight hair styles would die for a while. :) You can see more about this story here.

i love this shot.

More to come! Lots of things going up this week! xxx Hope you have a wonderful week!♥

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I haven't watched this yet. But I plan to this week. The way Alexander McQueen died still makes me so very sad. That he was suffering so much...that he felt there was no way to end the pain other than end his own life. :( Just so so sad. I watched the beginning of this and it looks very very good. 

Hope you are having a very good day. Please know that everything gets better. I promise.  xx♥

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I love this boy's channel. His name is Sebastian Simon and I totally support his scene. I'm actually subscribed to a lot of those androgynous channels, because those boys are interesting and they really know how to use makeup and hair products...I mean, they're boys...and they end up looking like the cutest girls ever! It's an art really. Plus, Sebastian is just a sweet/nice person. And I love his videos. Especially this one on braided hair tutorials (I think he's actually a hair dresser/stylist).

Check it out. It's perfect for Nancy Girl. And if you like it, go subscribe to his channel...xxx♥

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I really love these little booties by Sophia Webster. Though these days I am more into simpler shoes, I still have to admit how much I love these. They're adorable and sexy. And really not too too expensive at around $520. You can check them out here. ♥

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I wanted to do a little post on this nail polish I wore for my meeting. Whenever I'm going to a meeting or an interview (as in a gig interview), I always think about my nail polish. I don't really think I'll throw on something neutral and beige (though sometimes I am feeling it)...rather, I tend to pick something I LOVE and makes me feel happy. I look at it like a little bit of a secret fun lucky charm (even if it's not). This past week, I had a meeting and I don't think anyone could even see my nails because it was over video :)...but I still made sure to go out and get something new that I loved. I had intended on getting a polish in a very metallic gray kind of shade, I think. I can't honestly remember what I wanted now because while browsing polishes at the drugstore, I came across a color that took my by surprise (I had never seen it there before) and there was only one left. It's a Maybelline Color Show polish in the color Twilight Rays. It's a black (I think???) color with these amazing duo-chrome (I think???) glitter specks that are gold/bronze and maybe even green. It's awesome. I don't like how it doesn't dry super shiny...looks much better with some clear top coat. But I still love this color. And I was happy I wore it with my white cotton top with Swiss dots. Good contrast. 

Some images from the Internet...

I will let you know if this color was lucky for me or not. :) Have a lovely Wednesday! xxx♥

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I have a couple of posts going up today...but I just got this in my inbox and I had to share it. Or maybe I've had it, but I haven't had the time to look it over. I love everything Orla Kiely does and I will be getting myself some pieces this year. I would say, though, that in this lookbook, I especially love the shoes (!!!) and the girl with the strawberry hair (that is what my hair was, but now it's realllly blonde because of running in the bright sun) and the way they've clipped her hair on the side. I do my makeup the same, too. She's very cute, though, and her bob is really flattering on her face.

Have a look below and see more of it here. xx♥

i love the length of these little coats. and the black socks with the heels. very skater-ish in a girly way.

i love this sweater dress...but i'd wear it in black or dark navy or green or something adn without that shirt underneath. and the clutch is kind of strange with it. but the dress (and the model) are cute. 

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Okay...so here it is....the stuff I picked up yesterday...and woohoo I am stoked about it. I went to Nordstrom's and if you aren't familiar, it's so cool there because they not only carry some of the best brands, but they also let me bring my dog there!!! :D (Crazy long run-on sentence!) 

Things are shifting these days. I feel a new blog coming on (finally)...one that only deals with my writing...one where I can just ramble about what's going on in my head or out in the world. I have a new crush...sort of new. And he's pretty far away, so I'm just rolling with it...if you haven't read it yet, I did a blog post on the anticipation of our first video Skype (we have since video Skyped A LOT and it's no problem...), you can read it here. I'm pretty grateful for Skype, actually. I hope they don't mess with it too much because it RULES. And coincidentally (or not, if you don't believe in that thing...I don't really believe in accidents), I also had my very first video interview. Great timing. :) I already knew all the tips for lighting and makeup. And what color clothing to wear. Which leads me to some of these things I picked up after the interview. I went straight to Nordie's (as we call it here...it's a family-owned business...and it's awesome), and had an iced chai (at their coffee bar) and walked into cosmetic department with little Lotte in tow. :) 

First counter I hit was Laura Mercier...but the Laura Mercier girl was on break. So I head over to some other counters (which are slowly turning into self service counters...and everything has prices on them now which is AWESOME...you don't need to wait for ). I went to the Dior counter and tried a little bit of the new BB cream for eyes. And then I waited to see if it would dry out (which it did)...it did have nice coverage, though. I walked over to Clinique to pick up that Take The Day Off cleansing balm...which was sold out! :( I really wanted that. I can't believe it's only like $28!

I stumbled over to Estee Lauder, only to realize they now have Amore Pacific, which is a really nice Korean brand. I had no idea. I thought only Neiman Marcus carried that line. I quickly asked the very pretty and nice lady (hi, Cindy!) to show me the compact foundation which Rachel Anise (The Beauty Professor) loves. Not only was it awesome feeling and looking and smelling...but the price was amazing. I thought for sure this would be closer to $100, but it was only $60 (USD) and it also comes with a refill!!! 

I didn't know if I was going to get it at first. I was confused because I had gone there to get some Laura Mercier foundation products. But after I made some purchases, which I'll get to in a second, I had back over and actually bought the AMORE PACIFIC COLOR CONTROL CUSHION COMPACT in shade 104 Tan Blush (which isn't really tan or blush at all...it's a good match for my skin). I love love love the finish of this foundation. It's so dewy and natural looking....looks like my skin fully. Makes me look so healthy and refreshed. And it covers imperfections, too. What it claims on the box:

Long-lasting, light, flawless coverage (yeah...I think this is true...though I'll have to wear it a bit longer to make sure)
Hydrating Bamboo Sap formula (it is very hydrating...but not goopy or oily...very hard to describe. but basically my skin did not look dry at all, even though at first when I went in, it was quite dry because I had powdered so much for my webcam job interview that morning...it was hot outside and I was looking pretty dewy). 
Brightening and soothing (it is brightening and soothing...at least initially. i wonder if this will actually brighten. i think it will...)
Anti-oxidant protection

It also has SPF 50. :) It's almost like a BB cream in that it has skincare properties in it. I have to say right now I truly love love love it. 

I think I'll have to do the other things in separate posts as this is taking way toooo long! :) 

So far I love it. Though today I am wearing a sample of the Marc Jacobs gel foundation (which I think I like...we'll see. I think I have the wrong color on right now, though). 

Like I said before, this Amore Pacific foundation is only $60 (USD) and comes with a refill, which makes it really super affordable. I love Asian makeup products. I think they're leaps and bounds better than anyone else in the world, really. Available here.

More to come...!♥

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Just an update that the meeting was a success! Fingers crossed! And then afterwards, I scooped up my little dog and headed out to have a little celebration for my doing a good job. You should all take care of yourselves like you would love someone to do for you...take care of you....treat yourself! Below is a sneak peek of some things I picked up and that will be reviewed. Unfortunately they were sold out of the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm (boo!)...but it's only like $28, which is really inexpensive when you consider some drugstore cleansers are around 15 bucks....

So new things to come. Hope you also had a great day! Wish me luck and I'll reciprocate! xxx

PS...that sample is a little pot of the new Marc Jacobs foundation, which I have heard mixed reviews about...but I soooo want to like it! :) ♥

more makeup monday ♥ current favorites from aug 2012


Hey, darlings...

Just a quick note to say sorry for the delay...I have a HUGE MEETING today (wish me luck/send good vibes) and so I've been sort of wrapped up in preparing for that. But after it's all through and I've had a bit of time to take it in and relax and celebrate...I'll get some of the new posts of here. There are still some new things going on that I haven't posted about and some great posts coming up that are gonna really please you. 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great start to your week!!! 

xxx more soon x♥



PART TWO...(there is a link to part one of the guest blog post below!)

Of course gifts from clothing companies are given to famous people or people who are seen a lot (and, ironically, probably the people that need clothes less than anyone) so clothes are sponsored and I hope people know about it- basically stealth advertising.

As far as brands and the web go, success is measured in terms of impressions, or more literally, eyeballs; so those are woven into the fabric of the skirt.

We use the magnification interface every time we zoom up and when selecting text on a phone so I chose to use that visual paradigm in "sponsored" as well. This was actually supposed to be two paintings; I often collide two concepts that I think will work together. 

Now I certainly don't expect anyone to get all of this; the party trick with our work is that though it's pretty light on the surface, if you spend a little bit of time, I hope you start seeing that things are not at all what they seem. Of course we are working through life like anyone else, we just happen to process very, very visually and like to make things that are beautiful to us, as well as (hopefully) thought provoking to others.

Ferris and I are really happy to be showing together again, and at FFDG- John and Jessica have always been very supportive of us. Hope you like the show....


Thanks to Kelly for this two-part guest blog post of awesomeness. There will be another post soon with actual pictures from the opening night of the show (tonight!)! Maybe even a little video...who knows! Stay tuned for that! xxmt♥


FFDG is pleased to present San Francisco based painters and husband and wife duo 
Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall in their second show with the gallery Loading.

Featuring new mixed media paintings inspired by the transfer of information, 
recontextualized through the artists' unique and personal filter.

An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, August 16th (7-10pm). 
Beer and wine will be available. 

Mt. St. Mtn. is releasing a 40-page zine in conjunction with the show. Preorder it now!
Friday, August 16, 7-10 pm FFDG 2277 Mission St.  

SF, CA. 94110 Wed - Sat (1-6pm) info@ffdg.net 415.500.2166   



I'm really excited about this...I've featured Kelly on here before. She is an old friend. We've been through a lot. But I knew of her and loved her work WAY WAY before I ever met her. And I still love her work so much. I recently heard from her about their new show in San Francisco (opening tonight!!!) with her hubby and art collaborator Ferris Plock (who is also an amazing amazing artist). And I asked if she would be interested in doing a guest blog post about the show and even take pictures from the opening as a follow up...and she said yes! First, if you are in San Francisco or will be in San Francisco anytime soon, please go check it out! And if you're there tonight, go to the opening! I wish I was there and I could go to it myself! (Something I greatly miss about San Francisco)....Here is the info about the show:

kelly tunstall and ferris plock (the girl is kelly's and those balloon-y faces are ferris')

FFDG is pleased to present San Francisco based painters and husband and wife duo 
Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall in their second show with the gallery Loading.

Featuring new mixed media paintings inspired by the transfer of information, 
recontextualized through the artists' unique and personal filter.

An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, August 16th (7-10pm). 
Beer and wine will be available. 

Mt. St. Mtn. is releasing a 40-page zine in conjunction with the show. Preorder it now!

Friday, August 16, 7-10 pm FFDG 2277 Mission St.  

SF, CA. 94110 Wed - Sat (1-6pm) info@ffdg.net 415.500.2166   

And now here is the guest blog post from Kelly:

We've been talking about doing a zine with Mt. St. Mtn. for a really long time- we really love what they produce, and so when we started working on Loading for FFDG, it seemed a natural fit to move forward. Normally I sketch before I start working but none of those sketches are really fit for consumption; so when Ferris and I decided to turn sketches from the show into the zine, I did a few more levels of refinement than I would normally do as part of my process.
I love drawing, and i used to do a lot of pen and ink on the paintings themselves. It's a nice look but I've kind of gotten away from it. I've carried sketchbooks since I was 6, but I've kind of strayed from doing "finished" work in favor of actual paintings somewhere in between. 
So doing straight pen and ink was refreshing. I think the natural graphic quality of the sketches really informed the final pieces; I normally make big modifications in physical scale and proportion of the characters when I move from sketch to panels, so on some of the pieces I tried a direct translation.
 I really fought with Golden girls- I've been working with the concept of advertisements projecting or emanating from within clothing for almost ten years now; so tho is about the this translation of one person onto many people. could be physical, could be symbolic- just the notion that images go everywhere is fascinating to me; this also touches on celebrity to me as does "Sponsored".  



I really want to do this post about a couple of products that I have been loving so much lately...one so much that I actually finished the pot and went out and bought another one immediately! (I have to really love something to do that....)

The first one, the old one is a drugstore product (gasp!) that I think is absolutely one of the best things out there around 10 bucks, give or take a couple of dollars. In fact, I think it's probably one of the best foundations out there, hands down, high end or low end. It's the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup. I have written about this a couple of times. I own a lot of foundations. I own Nars and Chanel and some others. Some Korean. Some Japanese. And I'm about to go out and get another foundation I love by Laura Mercier. A couple of years ago, Clinique discontinued by staple foundation that I had been using for years...which launched me on a journey to find some go-to bases that I'd always be able to rely on. It's been a hard one, and that's putting it lightly. I don't know if I have the one product that I love yet. But I do know that I have to have a pot of the Revlon Colorstay Whipped in my life at all times. Even if it's a back up product. I only realized this when it was running out. I've been using it for webcam-ing (see the videos and story behind the Skype Video drama :) here)....but now I will also be doing an very big and cool job interview via webcam...and Revlon Colorstay Whipped is so easy to apply and it looks awesome under heavy light and on camera! It softens dry spots and it covers uneven skintone. I went to CVS to pick on up the other day because they sent me a $3 coupon. To my joy, the foundation was also on sale for $9.74 (normally it's like $14 at CVS). SO I only ended up paying like $7! That's amazing for such a great foundation! And I know a lot of people complain about the packaging. But, like I always say, I love it. I think it feels rich and expensive. And chic. BTW, I have pretty dry skin. Lately, however, due to the next product I am going to discuss, I think it's less dry and maybe even more combination now. Which is kind of neat.

The next product is new and was introduced to me by a YouTuber I heart named Joanna Devoe. I'll post the video below. It's all about good skincare stuff. She mentions her skin and it sounded a lot like mine. And she swears by this stuff. She suggested a lot of things I already knew about. But I had never ever tried raw, unrefined shea butter...as a face cream. I went to a local healthy market and bought the only one I could find...ALAFFIA HANDCRAFTED SHEA BUTTER...it's pure. It's "handcrafted" and unrefined. It's hard. Like a thick thick wax almost. You only need a tiny bit, like less than a dime, that melts into your skin and wow...it's really been a game changer. It heals EVERYTHING. It has really gotten rid of so many blemishes that sort of just lingered there. My skin looks soft and moisturized ALL DAY...whereas sometimes it starts to look dry later on in the day if I haven't piled on the moisturizers and serums. I cannot thank Joanna enough for this suggestion! I feel it has really changed my skin. I've only used it less than a week, and I cannot tell you how much this has already changed my life. My skin is healing. It's been very problematic for a few months and I was really upset that I had to go back on pills to remedy the problems. But now it's healing without the pills. It looks and feels the way some of the girls I see who have great skin look. Watch Joanna's video below because she really breaks it down. The other amazing thing is that it was so inexpensive. The pot I picked up was only $9 for 2 ounces. And I bet there are better pots of this, too, out there, if you look around. I'm sure places like Whole Foods have more options to choose from even. But Alaffia is certified fair trade, which means they are helping the community in Africa from which they get the shea butter from. They are also working with Sustainable Skincare which says "handmade, domestic packaging, no parabens, no animal testing, fair trade, no synthetic fragrance, gluten free"....yes! Go to her channel and check her out! Most of her stuff is more spiritual/witchy/woowoo...but she does have a lot of health and beauty tips, too. ♥

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I have to say that I used to be such a hater when it came to Stella McCartney. Slowly through the years I have to also admit that I have been won over by a lot of her collections, her ethics when it comes to vegan clothing and some of her famous or key pieces. Now I did a post a long time ago on some of her panties, but now I am so loving her new Fall 2013 lingerie collection and I have added some of these pieces to my wish list. I also like the model they used in the shoot. Though she's still very thin, I love how (in some shots) she actually looks like she might have a little meat on her bones. Maybe even a tiny tummy...I prefer this to the models who are just boney and bones and have gutted stomachs. :) ♥

i love this shot.

i love this set. it has tiny little bows either printed or flocked all over it.

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