Okay...so here it is....the stuff I picked up yesterday...and woohoo I am stoked about it. I went to Nordstrom's and if you aren't familiar, it's so cool there because they not only carry some of the best brands, but they also let me bring my dog there!!! :D (Crazy long run-on sentence!) 

Things are shifting these days. I feel a new blog coming on (finally)...one that only deals with my writing...one where I can just ramble about what's going on in my head or out in the world. I have a new crush...sort of new. And he's pretty far away, so I'm just rolling with it...if you haven't read it yet, I did a blog post on the anticipation of our first video Skype (we have since video Skyped A LOT and it's no problem...), you can read it here. I'm pretty grateful for Skype, actually. I hope they don't mess with it too much because it RULES. And coincidentally (or not, if you don't believe in that thing...I don't really believe in accidents), I also had my very first video interview. Great timing. :) I already knew all the tips for lighting and makeup. And what color clothing to wear. Which leads me to some of these things I picked up after the interview. I went straight to Nordie's (as we call it here...it's a family-owned business...and it's awesome), and had an iced chai (at their coffee bar) and walked into cosmetic department with little Lotte in tow. :) 

First counter I hit was Laura Mercier...but the Laura Mercier girl was on break. So I head over to some other counters (which are slowly turning into self service counters...and everything has prices on them now which is AWESOME...you don't need to wait for ). I went to the Dior counter and tried a little bit of the new BB cream for eyes. And then I waited to see if it would dry out (which it did)...it did have nice coverage, though. I walked over to Clinique to pick up that Take The Day Off cleansing balm...which was sold out! :( I really wanted that. I can't believe it's only like $28!

I stumbled over to Estee Lauder, only to realize they now have Amore Pacific, which is a really nice Korean brand. I had no idea. I thought only Neiman Marcus carried that line. I quickly asked the very pretty and nice lady (hi, Cindy!) to show me the compact foundation which Rachel Anise (The Beauty Professor) loves. Not only was it awesome feeling and looking and smelling...but the price was amazing. I thought for sure this would be closer to $100, but it was only $60 (USD) and it also comes with a refill!!! 

I didn't know if I was going to get it at first. I was confused because I had gone there to get some Laura Mercier foundation products. But after I made some purchases, which I'll get to in a second, I had back over and actually bought the AMORE PACIFIC COLOR CONTROL CUSHION COMPACT in shade 104 Tan Blush (which isn't really tan or blush at all...it's a good match for my skin). I love love love the finish of this foundation. It's so dewy and natural looking....looks like my skin fully. Makes me look so healthy and refreshed. And it covers imperfections, too. What it claims on the box:

Long-lasting, light, flawless coverage (yeah...I think this is true...though I'll have to wear it a bit longer to make sure)
Hydrating Bamboo Sap formula (it is very hydrating...but not goopy or oily...very hard to describe. but basically my skin did not look dry at all, even though at first when I went in, it was quite dry because I had powdered so much for my webcam job interview that morning...it was hot outside and I was looking pretty dewy). 
Brightening and soothing (it is brightening and soothing...at least initially. i wonder if this will actually brighten. i think it will...)
Anti-oxidant protection

It also has SPF 50. :) It's almost like a BB cream in that it has skincare properties in it. I have to say right now I truly love love love it. 

I think I'll have to do the other things in separate posts as this is taking way toooo long! :) 

So far I love it. Though today I am wearing a sample of the Marc Jacobs gel foundation (which I think I like...we'll see. I think I have the wrong color on right now, though). 

Like I said before, this Amore Pacific foundation is only $60 (USD) and comes with a refill, which makes it really super affordable. I love Asian makeup products. I think they're leaps and bounds better than anyone else in the world, really. Available here.

More to come...!♥

more makeup ♥ eek! nails tutorial

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