I'm really excited about this...I've featured Kelly on here before. She is an old friend. We've been through a lot. But I knew of her and loved her work WAY WAY before I ever met her. And I still love her work so much. I recently heard from her about their new show in San Francisco (opening tonight!!!) with her hubby and art collaborator Ferris Plock (who is also an amazing amazing artist). And I asked if she would be interested in doing a guest blog post about the show and even take pictures from the opening as a follow up...and she said yes! First, if you are in San Francisco or will be in San Francisco anytime soon, please go check it out! And if you're there tonight, go to the opening! I wish I was there and I could go to it myself! (Something I greatly miss about San Francisco)....Here is the info about the show:

kelly tunstall and ferris plock (the girl is kelly's and those balloon-y faces are ferris')

FFDG is pleased to present San Francisco based painters and husband and wife duo 
Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall in their second show with the gallery Loading.

Featuring new mixed media paintings inspired by the transfer of information, 
recontextualized through the artists' unique and personal filter.

An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, August 16th (7-10pm). 
Beer and wine will be available. 

Mt. St. Mtn. is releasing a 40-page zine in conjunction with the show. Preorder it now!

Friday, August 16, 7-10 pm FFDG 2277 Mission St.  

SF, CA. 94110 Wed - Sat (1-6pm) info@ffdg.net 415.500.2166   

And now here is the guest blog post from Kelly:

We've been talking about doing a zine with Mt. St. Mtn. for a really long time- we really love what they produce, and so when we started working on Loading for FFDG, it seemed a natural fit to move forward. Normally I sketch before I start working but none of those sketches are really fit for consumption; so when Ferris and I decided to turn sketches from the show into the zine, I did a few more levels of refinement than I would normally do as part of my process.
I love drawing, and i used to do a lot of pen and ink on the paintings themselves. It's a nice look but I've kind of gotten away from it. I've carried sketchbooks since I was 6, but I've kind of strayed from doing "finished" work in favor of actual paintings somewhere in between. 
So doing straight pen and ink was refreshing. I think the natural graphic quality of the sketches really informed the final pieces; I normally make big modifications in physical scale and proportion of the characters when I move from sketch to panels, so on some of the pieces I tried a direct translation.
 I really fought with Golden girls- I've been working with the concept of advertisements projecting or emanating from within clothing for almost ten years now; so tho is about the this translation of one person onto many people. could be physical, could be symbolic- just the notion that images go everywhere is fascinating to me; this also touches on celebrity to me as does "Sponsored".  

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