I have to say that I used to be such a hater when it came to Stella McCartney. Slowly through the years I have to also admit that I have been won over by a lot of her collections, her ethics when it comes to vegan clothing and some of her famous or key pieces. Now I did a post a long time ago on some of her panties, but now I am so loving her new Fall 2013 lingerie collection and I have added some of these pieces to my wish list. I also like the model they used in the shoot. Though she's still very thin, I love how (in some shots) she actually looks like she might have a little meat on her bones. Maybe even a tiny tummy...I prefer this to the models who are just boney and bones and have gutted stomachs. :) ♥

i love this shot.

i love this set. it has tiny little bows either printed or flocked all over it.

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