Gorgeous photos from PIG MAG...I was excited to see these (even though I really have no idea what Pig magazine is), because I've been confused about my hair recently. I had HUGE hair...a shag thing...for years and years. And I got sick of seeing it all around everywhere plus it's nice to get a new look. So I cut bangs and then recently, I cut off about 5 inches...so now it's just below my armpits, basically. But I've been missing my curly hair. UNTIL I saw these pics...especially the brunette...THIS IS MY HAIR. And I think I'm going to keep it for a while longer now. :) It's nice how inspiration finds you...♡

Photographer: Lady Tarin, Styling: Ilaria Norsa, Assnt Styling: Fabiana Fierotti, Hair & Make Up: Ezio Diafeira @ Victoria’s, Models: Elysa Sys at Beatrice Models, Andreea Stancu at Women

all images from pigmag.com

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