I am totally obsessed and in love with everything Pattie Boyd, the muse of all muses, at least to me. And of course I obsess over her relationship with George Harrison and scandalous marriage to Eric Clapton, who stole her away from his dear friend George. 

 If I had been her age back then (or even alive), I would have definitely looked the part. I absolutely LOVE everything about her style back in the 60s. And 70s, too. (Including her bunny teeth...no plastic surgery here.) But especially the mink she wore at her wedding. Even George donned a fur!  Plus, the bow. And the mini. And and and and...marrying a Beatle isn't half bad.

Here's the amazing thing...I found a vintage mink in Portland, Oregon that is the exact same era and style!!! You'll see posts from time-to-time where I share some favorite vintage finds, and a lot of them were from Portland about 4 years ago. A lot of the kids there were only interested in 80s dress, so that left all the amazing pieces from the 60s (20s and 30s) for me! For dirt cheap! I bought this coat for less than 50 bucks!  $49.00, to be exact, because in Portland there is no sales tax. 

It's kind of a bad pic, sorry, but it does look like the real deal in person. And it's lined in black silk with initials embroidered on the inside. Totally old school hand-done. A very good vintage dealer friend told me that whenever you see initials embroidered in a coat like that, it means it was custom made for that person. I LOVE this coat. It's totally rockstar girlfriend. Now I just need to find me a rockstar. :)

Here's a page from a story I wrote and styled for Oyster magazine with the kids from Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park. This awesome kid Dillon Hines (he played Alex's little brother Henry) is wearing my fur (before I had it repaired and refreshed). I hadn't intended to shoot him in the mink. He was so cold in my loft (Portland winters), and we had him wearing it in between shots. But the photographer took some pics while I was dressing the other kids, and it ended up leading the story.

Actually a really amazing blog I came across and will visit frequently is Beatle Girls, which has pics of all the women The Beatles dated, married, etc. etc. etc. ;)  LOVE it!♡

photo of Dillon Hines for Oyster magazine by Marissa Kaiser

images from http://beatle-girls.blogspot.com , http://dietcokeandsympathy.blogspot.com , http://pinballmachineandaqueen.blogspot.com


Stephanie said...

Why, thank you so much :) You seem to have a very lovely blog too ! xoxox

montronix said...

well...you're welcome. but it's the truth. :) i wrote that so long ago. i'm glad you saw it. i was really impressed with the images on your blog and info. i love that stuff. i'm always fascinated with those muses.

thanks for the comment and liking the post...! i'm sure you appreciated it! :) i don't know if everyone appreciates that i have the same (almost) coat as pattie's wedding...as i do, i guess. :)

thanks again! xxmt