Tuesdays. A day where I'll profile a designer or something they did/do. Today for the first Tuesday Tailor post is Peter Jensen. I'm not a follower of his or anything. But I do love the pieces in this collection, especially the anthropomorphic pieces. And I also love the art direction and styling for the shoot. It's very very New York, even though he's a British designer. (He did show in New York recently.) I mean, I could see a number of my NY girlfriends in these clothes, mixed how they are, with disheveled dirty-ish hair, not a stitch of makeup, but still looking stylish as ever. I miss New York when ALL the downtown girls looked like this. It used to be its own planet. So I guess there are a lot of reasons why this lookbook resonates with me. Of course the party factor isn't a miss, either. ♡

all images from style.com

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