I stumbled on this new-to-me YouTube beauty vlogger by accident the other night. I didn't know what to think at first because the Duran Duran "Girls On Film" intro is a bit annoying...I don't think people need to do crazy things like that. But the actual vlogger (I can't think of her name) is a real model, looks like a model and her taste is really really lovely. Plus, it's nice to get the goods from the kids who live it every single day. I did used to get a lot of new info when I was editing/managing a magazine fashion shoot. This model looks nothing like me, but she does have a look that I do love. Her hair is nice, her eyes are way on the side of her head (kind of like Kate Moss) and she has a huge space in her front teeth, which I also love. It's that mystical creature look. But better than all, she just speaks to us like a normal girlfriend, with her hair a mess sometimes, and she does have really excellent taste in makeup and product. And, I do like the simple model-esque looks that she does with cosmetics. She's simple, but it's that look everyone loves. Listen, when you work in the industry, you feel no jealously or envy with the models. Or, because of the models. They're usually very sweet and usually look like your sister's 11-year-old friend. But they do have a lot of insight to make up as they have their faces done for their jobs. So check out A MODEL RECOMMENDS on YouTube. I'm pretty happy to have found her. And I like her dry humor, too. PS...I do have a TON of new product to review on here. But I'll wait until after the shows. Also, my review of  the fashions at the Oscars....BORING. :) ♡

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The Marni Fall/Winter 2011 show goes live today Sunday, February 27th at 10:50am Milan time ! Just click HERE to go to the show! There's a lovely little film on that home page right now that I was hoping I could embed on here, but they aren't allowing it. Which is kind of silly. But I did find a film from last year that I thought was very pretty and simple. See below and enjoy the show! (I'm personally exhausted from waking up at 5am to watch the Jil Sander live stream. But, it was worth it.) PS If I like the show, I'll post it on here after it's available. I'll put it on this post...from the preview....it looked like there also might be some cross over from Prada with some caps? Dunno. Let's see. I haven't ever been the hugest fan of Marni. But I do do a lot of posts on the label...don't I?♡

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I just loved the Prada Fall 2011 collection so so much. So I wanted to post some pics of the gorgeous shades...maybe this should also be a Saturday Shades post? As well as some other comments about the show. I did also fancy the Versace show that was on today. Sigh. It was pretty hot. The long dresses at the end especially. And the Prince soundtrack was a nice add, considering he's been a fan of the Versace house since back in the day. But it was interesting that both the Prada and Versace opened their shows with almost identical looks...hmmmm. No matter. They were both gorgeous. I'm so looking forward to the live stream of the Jil Sander show tomorrow! Or, I mean, today! PS I love Tim Blanks because I used to watch him religiously as a teenager when he was on Fashion Television...his voice is  so soothing and recognizable to me. Love him.♡

Just some of my favorites....
amazing shades that will start a new trend.
amazing shoes/boots...i'm so happy not everyone is doing platforms! i love platforms. but non-platforms are incredibly meek and girly.
i love this pink shimmery boot with black "socks".
i really esp love these crazy 60s almost hippy boots. i have a pair of vintage hippy boots that have a strip of python running down the front. and the rest is tan suede. the only thing is they are flat. all they'd need is a heel and they'd be exactly like the prada boots. these are just tooo amazing. and i am sure a lot of girls won't be wearing these. it takes a brave one to do it. so if you feel like you can do it DO IT. 
i would pick these. so girl. so glam. so amazing.
a little more calm/wearable. for the masses, i mean. ;)
the perfect nancy girl bag...just like in the logo.
um, yes, please.
too amazing for words!

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images from style.com




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O M G! A GUCCI FIAT? SIGN ME UP! I'll find out the deets on the bits and get them on here in a minute. I was just in shock when I saw this. I had just watched the Gucci Fall 2011 live stream and frankly it was like being in the nose-bleed seats, which I've never had to do. I've also sat front or sometimes second row. Once, at a stupid Jeremy Scott show, I was way up in like the 8th row or something. But I didn't care because I'm not a fan of his, per se. I love live streams because you're normally in the front. But I could hardly really see anything. And, though the collection was gorgeous in its 70s peacock style, it was really like the second run of the Marc Jacobs Spring looks from last season. Say what(in Italian)? But I did love the shoes, of course. I still think I'm more a fan of real/old school Gucci. Vintage Gucci. And this Gucci Fiat, too.♡

omgucci....gucci stripe seatbelts???? how do i get one of these?!?!

PS My darling darling friend Monique from Goddess.Huntress. (her awesome "green" beauty blog) told me to go to nowfashion.com. She's always my go-to lady for info. thx, mo! xx

shoe me thursday ♥ gaultier long socks

gucci fiat images from autoblog.com



There were so many reasons why this Fall 2011 collection from Kinder Aggugini caught my eye. But I think the main thing was the girls in the show. They looked like pissed off little sisters of the Dior Couture girls. They looked annoyed or happy or new or else I could easily imagine one of these girls with their perfectly painted faces (loved the make up) showing up at a hoodlum art opening in Venice Beach, California. Which leads to the second reason why I loved these girls. I read that this collection was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim. Peggy Guggenheim was the reason why I fell in love with art and more specifically Surrealism, Pop Art and street art or what I refer to as "Hood Art" (I'll start my art blog as soon as I have a chance...I'm pretty well-known and connected in that space, too, as I wrote about it for over 10 years). Peggy Guggenheim's biography was assigned to me in high school by a very stylish but eccentric modern English teacher and my life changed. There are a few of her books out, but be sure to get the one that has a chapter titled "Virginity". :) I also read that Aggugini got a deal with Macy's (in the U.S.) and the Macy's Impulse collection is not only designed by him, but it's supposedly looks a lot like these pieces. That's a good little tip! I love the new designers and the way they bring new young love to fashion. Bra vo.♡

love it. it's like, "do i have to do this stupid fashion show?"
this is so "baby sister" dior to me. i mean, esp with the hat. it's like if galliano had a little tween sister.
cute make up. cute shoes.
more baby sister dior. ;)
this looks like the bad ass peggy guggenheim if she had a baby sister, too.
so pretty and a little snotty in her look.
love it. a little girl in a big girl's dress. i love it. it's like old school teen girls doing big girl fashion.
simple and looks very peggy. esp with the glasses.
i love this dress. esp the colors. the make up. the black shoes. love it.
the adorable kinder aggugini

a very young peggy guggenheim

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It's been so great watching London Fashion Week and seeing all the new blood. I'm excited that I loved the Fall 2011 Collection from Charles Anastase as much as I've loved his collections in he past. It was girly and pretty...but it was also weird in a creepy way. Like a fairy tale about Amazon girlies from another planet coming to take over. Dunno. You get what I'm saying. ;) ♡

loving it. would love this dress. maybe not the frankenstein platforms. but i like the entire look for runway.
these crazy jumpsuits with  peter pan collars...
there's something weird and cool about them. dunno the words to articulate.
such a cool look

more tuesday tailor ♥ bernhard willhelm

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How good is watching live streams of London Fashion Week?! Right? I did miss Topshop's Unique as it aired before I had woken up. But the styling was so fun, going along with the Unique Fall 2011 Collection's theme of Disney's 101 Dalmatians. I loved the faces....the bare brow/face, the jet black/gel lined eyes and the coral-y lip. And of course the black bows in the hair. And even some of the little noses. And a lot of the pieces. It was young, fun and still chic. Here are some great backstage pics. And the cool finale video below...they played Elvis...see what song! ;) PS Is the makeup in the photo used also Topshop? Of course it must be. I would love some of those cream blushes and some of the other pieces! But it's way too expensive after you include shipping to the States. (It's also funny how just recently I was discussing how much I love Mickey Mouse, and these girls are sort of made up like Minnie.)♡

images from topshop.com



Fashion? Fashion shows? The way Thierry Mugler used to do it...Vintage Thierry Mugler...that's what I'm talking about! (I see a ton of IMAN in there.)♡

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HERE ARE THE LINKS SO YOU ALL CAN WATCH THE SHOWS LIVE! I'm loving the live streams. When I lived in New York, there were a lot of winters when going from show-to-show just couldn't happen...whether it was from blizzards and sub-zero weather or if it was from my own fatigue (running around during fashion week is exhausting)...and I loved that one New York channel would just run all the shows every day. So live streaming is really superb for me. 

here is the digital schedule for most of the shows (go to the home page for the video):

and here is the link for Topshop's show on the 20th:

Have fun and enjoy!♡


OOOO....YES...They're here....the Marimekko Comme des Garçons striped shirts that I love love love! Head tripping and funny and of course chic. Available online. Just one of those chic little things for those chic little people. Or chic bigger people?

which one? which one? i can't really decide.

 And on a fun note...the new Banksy billboard that was up in Los Angeles this week and taken down or covered up like a day or so right after...somehow they compliment each other(?)...someone emailed this to me because I did cover art for over 10 years...I do need to start my art blog...but not today.I especially love it for the Mickey factor. I'm a huge Mickey icon girl...have a famous sweatshirt that everyone associates me with, have partied in 5 countries in it over 10 year span or more. And I do love and respect Banksy. I know a hell of a lot of personal stuff about him. But I'll NEVER tell.♡ 

banksy in the la february 2011...genius.

more saturday shopping ♥ limited pucci book

comme des garçons images from doverstreetmarket.com
billboard from a friend who emailed it to me. ? 



I just watched the live stream of the Ivana Helsinki Fall 2011 show...the last show of New York Fashion Week...and I LOVED it. Per usual. See more on the line in an early post here ! :)♡

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YES YES....EVEN I'M SHOCKED THAT I'm doing a Friday Fancy post on the Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2011 collection. I mean, I just thought he was way way too far out there in sold out boring land. I don't know who he has working for him, but I LOVE what they're doing. This show was so cartoon. And fun. And future and frosting. With rainbow sprinkles. I see the reference to one of my favorite movies that I haven't done a Sunday Matinee post on yet. It's an older film with Shirley MacLaine called "What a Way to Go." And she looks amazing in it. I believe Edith Head did all the costumes for her in that film. The reference I'm making is that all of here poodles in the film match her outfits. In fact, everything matches her outfits. I don't want to say too much because I'll certainly do a full post on it in the near future. But I will put one or two pics from the film on here. 

I was, in a word, bored of New York Fashion Week. I mean, there were a couple of wow factors. But I'm really looking forward to the rest of the weeks in London, Paris and Milan. But have a look at Mr. Mizrahi's pieces. I would love any of these for myself or to use in a shoot. Pretty fun stuff. PS I do love the styling for this show...but any of these dresses would look great in real life on a smiling girl with tussled longer hair, maiden style.♡

shirley maclaine from "what a way to go"
i don't know what this is from, but it's a shot of doris day (whom i also love love) with pastel poodles.

i didn't really love this dress...but i wanted to include the shot so you can see the pink dress and poodle in the background. it looks great in this shot. even in the background.

more friday fancy ♥ la dolce vita

runway images from style.com
other images from some old file on my computer