Apparently Erin Fetherston's namesake line is no more and now she has a lower-budget line simply called "ERIN"....? I don't really get it. But maybe that other line tanked in profits and this was a more easy way to make some cash. Dunno. But the Fall 2011 ERIN collection sure had some lovely hair and makeup. I did like some of the looks, not all of them...but a few of them. But it was gorgeous to look at mainly because of all the blush colors and the gorgeous braided halo, which I love love, and the clean clean face. You have to admit that most of the admits would be incredibly boring if the girl wasn't so stylee. It's the hair and makeup, especially the bare brow, that bring it to another level. Oh...I forgot to mention that all of the pieces from the new ERIN range will be less than $600.♡

so pretty. i know this is prob a hair piece on a girl with short hair, but it's still gorgeous.
fresh angelic but still cool for fall (cool as in cold)
i love this look...a bit of peachy pink blush...bare brows...light lips.
so fresh
simple and pretty and who wouldn't love that sweater jacket/cape/thing?
i love this minus the necklace. i mean she has enough going on with her hair. i have a vintage 60s piece that's exactly like this dress minus the sleeves. i'll post it up later today if i can get a good enough photo.
really wearable and gorgeous.
so silent star. love it.

lookbook images from style.com
beauty images cropped from style.com



Anonymous said...

hey, have you seen Chris Benz's fall collection? the whole collection is very 'mori girl' and not unlike adorable little witches <3

montronix said...

i did see the new collection from chris benz...and you are right. it is very mori girl. which i love and should do a post about, right? it's very nancy girl.
chris looks like a sweet guy and i like some of the looks and esp the hats...i love the hats. but i think a ton of those looks could have been edited down. i didn't really understand a lot of the pieces and/or the full looks. it was too much and so a lot of it wasn't really mori girl or anything to me. it was just sloppy. if it was edited, it would have maybe been a tighter collection.

but, having said that, i'm not the biggest fan of chris benz...yet. :)

thanks for your comment and for reading! x

montronix said...

i also didn't understand why they were standing on cushions ;)

Anonymous said...

i didn't understand the cushions part too, :P i love the hats as well, i think they're wicked i could wear them forever. also some of the shoes.

may be the collection would come out looking stronger in lookbook or other editorials :] i'll be watching his next move anyway, haha, i kinda like the 'voice' in his clothing, there's joy in them.

thanks for replying, too~

montronix said...

i totally agree....there is joy in them. :) i know the boys from loden dager and they, too, worked for marc jacobs and they're amazing...so i imagine chris benz is equally amazing as a person. he just needs to edit a bit. :) thx again!