There were so many reasons why this Fall 2011 collection from Kinder Aggugini caught my eye. But I think the main thing was the girls in the show. They looked like pissed off little sisters of the Dior Couture girls. They looked annoyed or happy or new or else I could easily imagine one of these girls with their perfectly painted faces (loved the make up) showing up at a hoodlum art opening in Venice Beach, California. Which leads to the second reason why I loved these girls. I read that this collection was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim. Peggy Guggenheim was the reason why I fell in love with art and more specifically Surrealism, Pop Art and street art or what I refer to as "Hood Art" (I'll start my art blog as soon as I have a chance...I'm pretty well-known and connected in that space, too, as I wrote about it for over 10 years). Peggy Guggenheim's biography was assigned to me in high school by a very stylish but eccentric modern English teacher and my life changed. There are a few of her books out, but be sure to get the one that has a chapter titled "Virginity". :) I also read that Aggugini got a deal with Macy's (in the U.S.) and the Macy's Impulse collection is not only designed by him, but it's supposedly looks a lot like these pieces. That's a good little tip! I love the new designers and the way they bring new young love to fashion. Bra vo.♡

love it. it's like, "do i have to do this stupid fashion show?"
this is so "baby sister" dior to me. i mean, esp with the hat. it's like if galliano had a little tween sister.
cute make up. cute shoes.
more baby sister dior. ;)
this looks like the bad ass peggy guggenheim if she had a baby sister, too.
so pretty and a little snotty in her look.
love it. a little girl in a big girl's dress. i love it. it's like old school teen girls doing big girl fashion.
simple and looks very peggy. esp with the glasses.
i love this dress. esp the colors. the make up. the black shoes. love it.
the adorable kinder aggugini

a very young peggy guggenheim

more wednesday bag ♥ mandy coon bunny

lfw runway images from style.com

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