Deadly Hemlock Nail Varnish from...Illamasqua, of course. Check it out. They do the weirdest things and I love it, even though I might not wear it. I do love how they are so concise with their branding. And they are the perfect brand for Halloween!♡



It's here and I'm sad it will be gone for a year. :( I love Halloween. I don't think I posted the below tutorial yet, and I had to because it's amazing. AMAZING. And she makes it so easy. I do have a load of makeup things to show you, but I'll wait until next week. So enjoy the makeup vid below for the $1 LADY GAGA "BORN THIS WAY" SKELETON and I'll post one more after this and then have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!♡

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Now I will be the first to admit what a wuss I am and how I never watch scary movies, except for Alfred Hitchcock. But a while back, I was watching TCM and Carnival of Souls (1962) came on and I had heard about what an influence this low-budget film has been on the entire horror industry and to the horror film/creator greats. So, I thought I'd see if I could bear watching it. It is pretty creepy, but it's also incredibly gorgeous looking. I especially love the use of black and white with the lack of budget they had. And the star, Candace Hilligoss, is as pretty as any Hitchcock beauty. And, I mean, just look at how gorgeous that old movie poster is. So as a Halloween treat, I have a link where you can watch the entire film if you have the time today. Click HERE or click on the image below to see the full movie. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! XX♡


So...if you feel like a little fun, then watch the Haul video from YouTube guru below (not every stylish or anything, but for work I follow almost everything to know what's up...not just the uber stylee people) and see how freaked out she gets. It's very real how scared she is. And, if you're into orbs (or not), you can def see orbs flying around in the video. In any case, it's very apropos for Halloween because she just posted it this week. PS I do have some awesome movie/fashion posts coming up for future Sundays. Stay tuned!♡

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I'll post something fashion-y later today, but wanted to make sure to get this. It's a pretty good tutorial of one of my favorites, ACE FREHLEY FROM KISS. I'm probably going to be him on Monday. Donatella Versace costume is more for a party, but I haven't really totally decided. I just thought walking around on Monday as Ace would be more like Halloween as opposed to walking around like Donatella which might not look like a costume if you're not at a party. :) She, the girl in the tutorial, did a pretty good job only she forgot the dark blue eyeshadow that Ace always has. I think it's easy to accessorize and I have some shoes I bought in high school that are massive like the ones KISS wears. (I'll do a post of my high school vintage shoes. They're all still in the closet at my parents' house and they are crazy good.)♡

one of my fave pics of Ace from the 70s in New York City.

i bought the Gene Simmons record when i was a little kid from a sale bin. but Ace's record is really a lot better.

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I don't have a team working with me, I do my own hair and make-up. Like other women, I was worrying that I couldn't do anything with my hair tonight. I don't have a stylist, I get all my clothes myself.  

I've never featured the sultry Dita Von Teese on Nancy Girl, only because she has so much going on (always) that she'd be on here every week. And, I mean, do I need to really say how amazingly stylish she is? But there's a lot buzzing about her new fragrance launch, which is supposed to be very grown up and sexy, like the lady herself. It's named DITA VON TEESE: FEMME TOTALE  and has notes of fresh peonies, fizzy bergamot and a bit of spicy Bourbon pepper. The heart of the perfume beguiles the senses with a pure bouquet of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian tiaré petals and fresh jasmine. And in the base note, the mystical and warm scents of patchouli, musk and sandalwood. She says, “A scent needs to reflect all the different facets of my personality. It had to be elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, dark, and mysterious.” Of course the packaging is inspired by vintage bottles that Teese covets. 

I think she's brilliant to go in this direction. I'm sure it will be incredibly successful and she won't need to do another show again if she doesn't want to. There is also something I read about how she wants to launch a beauty/makeup collection! Can you imagine the packaging on that? 

There's an interview one of the YouTubers did with Ms. Teese while she was promoting her fragrance in Berlin and it gives a lot of information. And then below that is a video I just saw with Dita as part of the 20 Year Anniversary book for Christian Louboutin. I think Dita is gorgeous and I love that old burlesque charm. But I think she needs to be given a load of credit for branding herself amazingly.

And then today I saw the Pixiwoo have a quick Dita Von Teese hair tutorial, too!♡

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I know these look strange, but if these aren't rockstar MIU MIU SUEDE BOOTIES, then I don't know what is. I like weird shoes. I think you can have simple outfits and crazy shoes with minimal accessories and look amazingly chic. And these do the trick for me. Love them. A collector's item, for sure.♡

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I don't love all Versace everything. But I do love a lot of the studded things Donatella does for the line. And looks like some of the pieces for H&M are amazing and keepsakes and must-haves. They do look very Versace. They look expensive, not cheap (I even thought the Lanvin collection for H&M looked like old 80s prom dresses...but not these Versace pieces). The model they use is adorable. Looks like a mini Donatella (whom I love...she's such a character and her heart is in the brand because of the love for her brother). I love this collection, even though, like I said, I'm not a big Versace person. Actually, these remind me a lot of the junior Versace pieces they used to make in the 90s. I knew some cool tiny ladies who would buy them in Vegas and they were amazing.♡

such a gorgeous keepsake piece. notice the minimal jewelry, makeup and styling. perfection.

love love love love love love love. looks so expensive.

gorgeous. look at that bag!

i think this middle dress comes in black.

so very versace. doesn't look like a cheap version at all.

i am pretty sure i saw donatalla wearing this tight dress in black and it looked amazing.

look at this gorgeous jacket

so versace!

so miami. BUT notice in the photo above, these leggings or jeggings underneath the dress and how it elevates the fashion.

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I just read an article that Karl Lagerfeld is launching an "affordable streewear line" called Karl that's meant to be worn "everyday yet still fashion conscious," he says (this is all according to the AP). I guess his collabs with H&M and Macy's were incredibly successful and his investors say he's a brand unto himself and a celebrity. Will be very interesting to see. I used to peruse EBay eons ago looking for vintage Karl Lagerfeld pieces and they were all amazing and affordable. Let's see what happens next with him. At the very least he's so smart to start this before he actually leaves Chanel (rumored, but inevitable). I'm posting some vintage pieces from his signature line below.♡

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Here are a couple of tutorials that show you how to do the makeup Natalie Portman had on when she turned into the Black Swan. I know a lot of people didn't understand that movie, but I totally got it. You have to know about NPD to understand (which is what her mother had in the film). But this is a great Halloween costume and will probably become a staple like Margot Tenenbaum (which I will have on here later).♡

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Now I tried this new foundation from Chanel recently. I received a gorgeous little sample in a mini glass bottle with the Chanel logo on top. I might need another color to get a really good run of it before I really know how it goes. I agree that Perfection Lumière foundation does have a lovely velvet-y, very natural-looking finish. Even though in the video Lisa says it has light to medium coverage, I thought it had very good coverage and I hardly really needed any to cover the imperfections on my skin (I grew up right by the beach and that pigmentation is starting to show it's nasty face a little through my skin). But there were a couple of things I'm unsure of. First, it is scented like perfume and strongly. I could smell it all day because of the foundation on the tip of my nose. I don't normally like foundation or any face products with scents in them. I think they can irritate the skin if you're sensitive. Second, I did break out just a little. Not sure if it was the foundation, but my gut feeling says it was because of the foundation. Like I mentioned, I'll have to try it again as you never know. Maybe my skin was stressed that day, it was that time of the month perhaps or maybe it wasn't really working with whatever I washed my skin with that day? Also, in the video, Lisa says you don't need a powder to set it. I have pretty normal skin, though I'd say I am on the much drier side of that spectrum and I still needed a powder to set it. Chanel foundations tend to oxidize on some skin types. Dunno why. I've mostly heard this from Mediterranean ladies with olive complexions. 

I'm willing to give it another go and see if it'll do what it says. I do have dry-ish skin, but I forgot to mention it's incredibly sensitive and will break out if there is anything extra in the product. Also the shade I have is a bit too dark for the fall and winter. I'll give you an update soon. I'll do a foundation review as I've been sampling a bunch of different foundations. Honestly, a lot of the drugstore brands have been super brilliant. Though I am also in love with Nars Sheer Glow

So we shall see. I don't know why they have to put perfume in their foundations at Chanel. I mean, how can that be good for your skin? Though i am hoping it will work and I'll look just as gorgeous as Lisa does in the video. The thing I like about her is she isn't 16 with perfect skin. She has a lot of imperfections and seems to party a lot, too. So you get to see how genius she is with the tricks she has up her sleeve.♡

PS More makeup for Halloween later!



Did you hear that 26-year-old Maxime Simoens, couture designer extraordinaire, has just been appointed Creative Director for French fashion house Leonard? I am excited! See all the vintage Leonard Paris below.♡



Now everyone can finally shop Tsumori Chisato collections with the launch of the new Tsumori Chisato E-Boutique finally online! I wonder how fantastic the packaging must be when you buy from them directly. I think this is now one of my favorite places to browse online. Have a look-see! I do have some things to post on here that I bought recently (not Tsumori Chisato)...I'll have to see if i have any time as I am almost done with the final edit of the novel and also have to write the foreward for Walter Cessna's new book!!! (So exciting!) But I will def try to get another post up today that includes some make up and clothes. :) Have a lovely day!♡

the actress dress...935,000 Euros

CRAZY glitter stripe leggings 90,00 Euros

aniami dress 660,000 Euros

actress scarf 215,000 Euros

animal purse 205,000 Euros

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