One of my signature fragrances growing up was Miss Dior. I also used to use Diorissmo for a while. I have some vintage Miss Dior hats and of course, like all, I love everything Dior, especially real old vintage realdeal Dior. I thought I should just do a Miss Dior vid for the Dior girls out there and post these two films...one is in French (sorry) and it's about Dior jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane. (Don't you just love that name Victoire? Almost as good as Pierrette!) The second is a short film about the history of the House of Dior, and it's also in French. But it's very entertaining with lots of vintage film. I always think it's very good to get reacquainted with a house once big changes have happened or are about to happen. Then you will have a lot of the history facts before you start judging the new kid on the block. So here is the double feature MISS DIOR post.♡

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