Oh how I would love to have this gold skull ring with diamond eyes designed by Ileana Makri. (Here's the deets from the site: 18-karat rose gold, 0.02-carat black diamond-embellished slightly movable skull.) There's a bubblegum machine (you know, those ones that you put a quarter in to get gum or toys) nearby that has these amazing and huge skull rings. They're plastic and painted silver. And I've been wanting to have one made in its liking but in gold. The below ring is much tinier, but I love it. It's so so chic. These are the things that make me want to be a jewelry designer (just a fantasy!). I'll also include a couple of other things that I love by this designer. These are high end and the skull is about $1150 USD. Maybe if I meditate on this, something will show up and I'll be able to wear this ring. :( :D♡

i also love this rose gold and diamond snake nest ring. amazing.

more wednesday bag ♥ vivier fox clutch

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