I LOVE TSUMORI CHISATO and I always will. She is always so so true to her style and her clothes are always so fun and whimsical. And wearable. I think I have some favorites here, but mostly, I think I am loving the heels. She and the stuff Julie Verhoeven did for Gibo are similar and amazing. I know you have to be into this stuff to like it, and if you are into this stuff then you know that you don't wear it all together like that. It's just never ever boring. The Tsumori Chisato Spring Summer 2012 collection was one of the least boring yet!♡

it's just the crazy skirt i love. though i would never wear a yellow skirt that cut. but i love the print.

crazy textiles.

the jacket is badass 80s hip hop to me. like something jeremy scott would design. only tsumori does it better.

i love the print on this poncho thing. i think they're crocodiles, but i can't tell.

i love the shorts. dunno where i'd wear them. but i love them.

favorite look number 1, actually...it's the pants i want. i love love love love them.

favorite look number 2. i wouldn't wear it. well, if it looked good on me, i would. but i love this photo. it's perfectly styled.

favorite look number 3. i think in a hot city in the summer or spring, this would look amazing.

just crazy good balls-to-the-wall style.

love the skirt, love the shoes, love the girl.

i think this dress on a normal girl with long hair and good heels would be amazing.

more tuesday tailor ♥ ysl royal wedding dress

images from vogue.it

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