Hey lovelies...sorry this didn't go up. I guess the scheduling got a bit mixed up on my blogger account. Nevertheless, here tis. I am kind of tired of staring at the computer with all the shows PLUS doing the last edit for MY NOVEL which will be coming out as soon as I get through this! It's all about the designing and the fun things we're creating to go along with the launch. So this post is short and sweet. Tomorrow I'm going thrift/charity shopping and I need it. It's my escape. My brain turns off as I investigate the racks. I have so so much good vintage that I'm especially picky. Even if I find one amazing find, I'm happy. I'll share my collection soon, if you like and I'll let you know if I found any amazing bits.

A PORTRAIT OF HAILEE...a fashion film for Miu Miu By Bruce Weber. Kind of a strange mix. See how you feel.♡

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