Now I tried this new foundation from Chanel recently. I received a gorgeous little sample in a mini glass bottle with the Chanel logo on top. I might need another color to get a really good run of it before I really know how it goes. I agree that Perfection Lumière foundation does have a lovely velvet-y, very natural-looking finish. Even though in the video Lisa says it has light to medium coverage, I thought it had very good coverage and I hardly really needed any to cover the imperfections on my skin (I grew up right by the beach and that pigmentation is starting to show it's nasty face a little through my skin). But there were a couple of things I'm unsure of. First, it is scented like perfume and strongly. I could smell it all day because of the foundation on the tip of my nose. I don't normally like foundation or any face products with scents in them. I think they can irritate the skin if you're sensitive. Second, I did break out just a little. Not sure if it was the foundation, but my gut feeling says it was because of the foundation. Like I mentioned, I'll have to try it again as you never know. Maybe my skin was stressed that day, it was that time of the month perhaps or maybe it wasn't really working with whatever I washed my skin with that day? Also, in the video, Lisa says you don't need a powder to set it. I have pretty normal skin, though I'd say I am on the much drier side of that spectrum and I still needed a powder to set it. Chanel foundations tend to oxidize on some skin types. Dunno why. I've mostly heard this from Mediterranean ladies with olive complexions. 

I'm willing to give it another go and see if it'll do what it says. I do have dry-ish skin, but I forgot to mention it's incredibly sensitive and will break out if there is anything extra in the product. Also the shade I have is a bit too dark for the fall and winter. I'll give you an update soon. I'll do a foundation review as I've been sampling a bunch of different foundations. Honestly, a lot of the drugstore brands have been super brilliant. Though I am also in love with Nars Sheer Glow

So we shall see. I don't know why they have to put perfume in their foundations at Chanel. I mean, how can that be good for your skin? Though i am hoping it will work and I'll look just as gorgeous as Lisa does in the video. The thing I like about her is she isn't 16 with perfect skin. She has a lot of imperfections and seems to party a lot, too. So you get to see how genius she is with the tricks she has up her sleeve.♡

PS More makeup for Halloween later!

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