I know some of you might be like, what? But I think there's something special and timely about these uber glam GLAM (so glam I had to write it twice!) rebirth especially in shoes. Believe me, trust me, I will not lie to you...this too shall pass and we will again be in an era where simple is the law of the land. And those younger than us will trot through yard sales and vintage lots looking for the glittery, platformed, Spiders from Mars shoes and clothes. You don't believe me? I was a trend forecaster for 10 years and a forecast editor for five of those 10 years, and it was for the biggest companies in the world. So embrace the fun attitude all the fast fashion brands are having with this interest in GLAM. 

Of course I do love everything Glamrock (and Metal as you'll see or read when my novel comes out), and you can clearly see that in most of my posts. Oh wait, back to the shoes....Yes, these very high, very platform, (to me) very early 70s wedges are pretty amazing. They're the Kurt Geiger Grass Wedges in GOLD. I think they must be really much more in person than you see in the pics. But you get the impression. I'll have to do a post on a pair of my most favorite shoes which are my Chanel's....but they look like a mix of Chanel and...KISS. KISS the band, not the lips. :) OK...check out the shoes. I think they're not too crazy priced either...at less than 200£.♡

that looks so hot.

more thursday shoe ♥ d'orsay electric

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