Oh that Tom Ford. He knows how to shake it up, doesn't he? With the official launch of his gorgeous beauty range this year and his top secret spring summer 2012 womens collection and show that was went off with a truckload of mystery....during LONDON fashion week, I'd say he's not only a master of women's clothes, but a master at marketing.  I'm sure the fashion press had a lot of fun with his Easter egg hunt, and I wish I was still flying around to shows for magazines so I could have maybe been a part of it. But, alas, I am not and, alas, there are hardly any photos of the show. What I was hoping for were some more images of the beauty, but I could only find one. Forgive me if you have seen these a million times, but I do love the vibe Tom Ford gives women and luxury, and so I had to do my part and add to the buzz that's going around. If you hear anything, do let me know either by leaving a comment or emailing me at feelingnancy at gmail dot com (sorry I have to break it up like that due to the spam robots).Here's the best we can see...for now. Fingers crossed. But surely on my own Christmas wishlist is a bit of the Tom Ford beauty range. Can't wait.♡

terrible shot but you can see how gorgeous the makeup is. especially the eyes.

more makeup monday ♥ uslu airlines x bernhard willhelm

images from the london telegraph

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