I love love Jean-Charles de Castelbajac because I think he always designs for his girls, not for the season or the magazines or anything else frankly. And this Spring Summer 2012 collection continued with the Disney theme, but had one of my favorite fashion faces, Mickey. People who know me or have known me or have worked with me, have seen me in my vintage Mickey sweatshirt for years. I think I've worn that sweatshirt when I sat in the front row at fashion week, when I was covering music and style in Brazil, when I was in Iceland for a festival. So I was excited to see JCDC and some Mickey. The problem I have is I couldn't see the shoes in any of the pictures from the show! (I could not find the shoe images anywhere. But, hopefully, JCDC will release a good heel like he usually does.)♡

this image is from 24hpp.com and it really shows how much cuter the clothes are than you see in the magazine site shots.

i love this sweater.

cute take on mickey's gloves.

love the top.

more saturday show ♥ miu miu is golden

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