Now I will be the first to admit what a wuss I am and how I never watch scary movies, except for Alfred Hitchcock. But a while back, I was watching TCM and Carnival of Souls (1962) came on and I had heard about what an influence this low-budget film has been on the entire horror industry and to the horror film/creator greats. So, I thought I'd see if I could bear watching it. It is pretty creepy, but it's also incredibly gorgeous looking. I especially love the use of black and white with the lack of budget they had. And the star, Candace Hilligoss, is as pretty as any Hitchcock beauty. And, I mean, just look at how gorgeous that old movie poster is. So as a Halloween treat, I have a link where you can watch the entire film if you have the time today. Click HERE or click on the image below to see the full movie. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! XX♡

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