I really really loved the styling at the Miu Miu Spring Summer 2012 show. Call it cowgirl, call it prairie, call it buffalo gal...it was full-on granny/western or granny Western. I haven't read anything about the show, so I don't know the real inspiration/them for the collection. But if it ain't Western, then I'm nuts. I kind of liked the greasy tough girls Miuccia put on the runway this season with Prada and Meow Meow.  It was so fresh and fun and anti-what everyone deems "sexy". But the boots in the Miu Miu collection...they were really amazing. Crossed somewhere between a cowboy boot and a sixties booty, I'm calling them Prairie Booties. The colors and detailing...even cowgirls get the blues for shoes, but these were also extremely Rock-n-Roll...they were Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and anyone who walked out of 1969. Which makes them even more amazing. I didn't care for the mules, though. I've never been a fan of them. Maybe once when I was super super young. But they're so 80s and they are not sexy. They'll never be sexy. A mule with a pointy toe looks like a work shoe. Like a working shoe from the 80s. Not a hot Rock-n-Roll Glamrock hot mama prairie booty! I'm also including bags as they were amazing little "grannies" (which is what I am calling them)...so vintage and cute. I love a coin purse bag. That's a very very 60s thing, too. I have a 60s bag that is like a giant coin purse and I LOVE that bag. I can't believe I own it and I don't know why people haven't duped it. I'll take some pics of it for you and put it on here sometime. But the Miu Miu ones, especially the ones with the smocking....were lovely lovely. Lovely.♡

this was my favorite girl/look from the whole show. i loved her and her entire look.
how gorgeous are these? and the mix of the bag and the dress and the boots?
love love love the boots. love the bag. see the mix of 60s and prairie?

love love love. so rock n roll

gorgeous colors

just gorgeous. these remind me of strawberry switchblade.

it's that zipper that brings in the glamrock. you can't hate on models because even they have calves too big for the zipper to close!

a dark velvet booty. gorgeous.

crazy bandanna print booties.they look persian even.
velvet smocking!

more thursday show ♥ O M Gucci!

images from italian vogue


Searching for Style said...

I think we will have to agree to disagree on the boots, cause I think they are heinous...

montronix said...

that's fine by me. i love that 60s thing....and i think they're really pretty.

but no worries. i know they're weird. but i like weird. :) x

montronix said...

i also would never ever wear a finsk, btw. so we're even. ;) xx