WOW...what a way to jump right in. The Spring Summer 2012 show for Paco Rabanne really pushed the brand back into the game. I think Manish Arora did a great job at meshing the old with the new. The brand has made some money with staple fragrances that have never gone out of fashion over the years. Aside from the le69 bag they relaunched, I didn't know they were coming back full force. It was polished and it was future. I mean, do you know about all those AMAZING DIY RHODOID dress kits that were so popular in the 60s? Did you know Paco Rabanne was the costume designer for Barbarella? Paco Rabanne was doing Lady Gaga before there was ever a Lady Gaga. I really loved the looks, even the super crazy ones, because it still all looks very Paco Rabanne. (Honestly, I think Manish could have done better for Thierry Mugler, too, because the Mugler collections are a bit eh. Mugler himself was way way more creative than what we have seen so far.) It's nice to see a designer really reign it in. Let's see what Manish comes up with next. (Sorry if this is all over the place...I have a splitting sinus headache and I need a cup of tea.)♡

amazing. i'm sure this looks so much more impressive in person. totally simple and wearable. and still rabanne. i also love something about this exaggerated hip. will have to ask my designer friends what the term is for this.

loving it. it's such a good hybrid of rabanne and manish.

a little more manish, but you could see this in a 60s sci-fi flick, right?

i love love this little dress.

a simple suit made sexy and futuristic. love it.

i know we're going to see a ton of these dresses on the red carpet.

the dark models prancing in all their amazing amazing collared dresses. gorgeous. so future.

so so 60s, so paco rabanne (and even pierre cardin).
a vintage paco rabanne rhodoid do-it-yourself dress kit. amazing.
vintage paco rabanne DIY rhodoid dress detail.
a vintage paco rabanne rhodoid dress from 1934. i think this sold for over 5000£. that would be an amazing find if you ever came upon one of these from the 30s.

the amazing BARBARELLA (jane fonda) in a paco rabanne costume. everyone knows what a big fan of barbarella i am.
another barbarella costume on jane. see how good manish is for the brand? he must be in heaven.

more saturday shopping ♥ cleo ferin

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