So pretty. So very very pretty. I think it was very very Audrey (Hepburn) at the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 show...at least with the beauty. Thick eyebrows, thick liner, fake lashes, pretty simple face. And it seems to look GORGEOUS on everyone. This collection was so pretty. I remember one of Marc's own collections being this 3D...I went to the store in San Francisco just to go through each piece in person and it was amazing with bows and butterflies that popped out of the fabric. These pieces must seem like a dream when you see them live. Sigh. I don't know if I'll get my hands on one of these (might be his last at LV), but at least we can do the face thing as it will look so very pretty in the cold weather we're about to see. Too bad LV doesn't have a cosmetics line, also. Would probably have gorgeous packaging.♡

really gorgeous. fill in your brows. some kind of foundation with a dewy glow. neutral shadow. thick black liner on the back of your eyes. think fake lashes and a soft lip. so pretty. maybe some light pink/peach blush.

so pretty. i mean, really really pretty.

i would love the green one, but i'd take either or. :)

such a gorgeous take on eyelet. pretty pretty spring colors. just beautiful.

marc and kate moss. she looked kind of strange and baby. but i love those kind of strange girly dresses.

more makeup monday ♥ domestic beauty

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