All together, the Nina Ricci Spring Summer 2012 show looked...pretty. But when I started looking at everything going on...there was a lot going on. A might lot. And there were a lot of things I just couldn't get over and all I kept thinking was what a hot mess some of these models look. That said, most of the pieces looked gorgeous and the entire color palette was equally gorgeous. But my favorite thing of the entire show were those 60s cage sort-of pill hats. Those were all gorrrrgeous. I love how everything is getting back to hats and 20s things and soon, maybe if we're lucky, girls will be walking around in drop waist dresses and lovely hats and maybe even driving gloves. Instead of everyone in jeans all the time. I love Peter Copping, but I could not get over all the ruching and all the midriffs. Like, what was that? Aside from that and that...I think the hats made up for everything. Oh and I forgot to mention another thing...there are a lot of looks that would be great for a hot bride.♡

this bag is goreous. i'm not sure how it works, but it's amazing.

hot bride #1

really a great look. i would love to look like this next spring at an event.

i thought this outfit had way too much going on...but i like this pic beause it shows the gorgeous detailing.

super hot rock-n-roll bride #2
hot bride #3...you might want a slip in there...maybe? maybe not.

details of what i think would be hot for a bride. why do girls continue to wear big ugly poofy white taffeta things???

this is just hot. not sure if aspen warms up, but this would be hot.

look at that hat!! look at the lace! look at that simple makeup face!

so so chic.
peter copping does chic grunge...hmmm...he did work with marc for what? like 15 years?

gorgeous and thinner lindsey wixson! love this outfit.

a gorgeous cage hat in a mink-y color. love love love.

the shoes were all over the place. but i love these.

gorgeous in pink? lilac?

gorgeous and gorgeous styling.

hot hat please

i love the modern 60s

more girl friday ♥ the queen of chinatown

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I am not a hater of D&G, admittedly there are other brands I would drop a grand on before Dolce and Gabbana. Though, one of my favorite pieces, a very skin-tight, very Italian black pencil skirt is Dolce and Gabbana. But I love love these shoes from the Spring Summer 2012 collection, because they're so...SEXY! Just gorgeous to look at and surely you'd feel like a fox them on your feet.♡

love these so much.

the gorgeous black lace
these are so hot.

more thursday shoe ♥ sergio rossi snake

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And the winner is...ROCHAS. Again. :) I will probably do one more shoe post today, but in addition to loving a ton of the Rochas Spring Summer 2012 collection, and owning a lot of vintage that it looks like, I had to include these weird but awesome shoes. There's something Marco Zanini does with shoes that seems juuuuuust a teeny bit off...enough to make it off enough that it's really really ON. :)♡

amazing heels.
probably my least favorite of the bunch, but it's pretty. i think it's the heel that i love so much.
this is one of those heels that you can't really imagine what it would look like for real. i think in person, it's probably 100 times better than the picture.
really a strange but good take on Mod
also strange looking but probably really rockstar and good in person.
also really strange looking but would be amazing live.

yea! kerchiefs!
and crazy good glasses.

i love these tiny bags!

this is so gidget, and i love it.
big giant bumps. will do a makeup monday post on the beauty at this show.
love this lurex sweater.
love this vintage looking dress.

more thursday shoe ♥ white patent leather

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