Even though I haven't done too much magazine work for a couple of years...because I started working as an art director in advertising as well as working on the novel...plus.....magazines just changed....I still receive press releases and I'm happy that, most of the time, especially when I get something new and well done and off-the-norm-path (i.e. not from NYC from Brooklyn and quite often excluded from all the hype the "real" shows receive). This is the Spring Summer 2011 collection from SHIN, which I looked up but there was zero info about them or who they are on the website. Nevertheless, I love the collection even though it's simple. It's still cool. There's something fresh about it. I can't put my finger on it. I like the styling and the lipstick of the model (it's like the lipstick I just wrote about! The matte one from Wet N Wild!)...I like her look. Good luck to them. If I was still with Tokion or Oyster or Dazed or Anthem or any of the other magazines I used to work for, I would have definitely given them some pages. shinnewyork.com

the cover of the SHIN lookbook

more tuesday tailor ♥ richard nicoll

images courtesy of shin

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