I want to work for Mulberry. They really do everything right. If you look at the collection, it's fine. I mean, it's not Prada-good, but it's fine. If you took away the way they brand their label...which means you eliminate the styling, the cute bags or some of the cute bags, the great website and hangtags, the way they present their parties and shows, the goody bags, the ice cream truck, the craziness they manage to add to every photo, then you just end up with some simple clothes and simple handbags. But the for the Mulberry Spring Summer 2012 collection, EVERYTHING was done right. Including the hair and makeup which, the makeup, reminded me a bit of an older Chloé show i posted something on where they used MAC's Freckletone lipstick. But the messy Bardot hair and the barely-there face, really was perfection. Add all the crazy animal balloons, and the gold/bronze/orange/tan/black colorscape and it's just gorgeous to see. There was even an ice cream truck outside the venue. Have a look-see. And PS I threw in some other things including shoes, too, because they were really really cute.♡

i wish all the girls were wearing their faces and hair this way. with a little mess to it. 
really cute and really doable.

Here's what I do whenever I find an amazing maxi skirt that's vintage. I belt it like it's a dress after pulling it way up!
super cute look and print.

the photo op area! amazing! animals and ice cream!
kirsten vampire stewart. or is it kristen? i think it's kristen. emma hill (designer of mulberry) and kate moss looking toothpickish (again) but good.
the amazing erin o'connor...don't you miss her?
the cute vintage ice cream truck serving ice cream outside the venue!
 models in OOOH glasses. so cute. looks so cute with the hair!
erin o'connor again...cuz i miss her.
kate moss...watch how EVERYONE starts doing a head-to-toe washed-out denim look now!
the show...so cute!
the after-party!

more makeup monday ♥ jemma kidd makeup school tutorial

images from vogue.com and mulberry's blog


Kate said...

I googled "Mulberry hair 2012" in graphics and here I am now ;)

I'm aiming to do my hair like this,
love it so much!
And also,these puppies on the runway,so cute!



montronix said...

yes! do it! and welcome...xmt