YES. Weird title for a blog, but I thought I'd mix it up. Had some other interesting things I thought I should share. Things I picked up the past few days...well, I've picked a lot of things up, but this is going to be the first of many posts about my new "haul" (I don't really like that word cuz it rhymes with mall...which is also a word I do not like.) So, let's get started...

First is LIP. 
Ever since I did the MAKEUP MONDAY post on the Chloe Fall 2011 show, I have been dying to get my hands on the lip color Charlotte Tilbury (love her!) speaks of in the video (it's on my post) says they are using–Mac's Freckletone. It has been sold out everywhere I've gone. Until a couple of days ago. Though now I also want Nars Niagara, too. :) But I feel so happy to see I have a little bullet of Freckletone. I love how it reminds me of the Chloe show and I love the color. I have always used a lip stain so my lips looked like I had just eaten a cherry Popsicle. But lately I love that nude-y barely-there thing. 

freckletone (yes!)

Second is CREAM. And there are two things to go over here.
First is, I finally received my Shine Illuminator from Cosmetics a la Carte, and I LOVE it. I first heard about CALC from one of the A MODEL RECOMMENDS videos about "glow"... model Ruth Crilly uses it in a couple of her videos and it looked amazing. Plus, I love the specialty factor. I've very much been into pampering that fancy girl side of me so the universe knows I'm ready for the next level. I ordered the Shine Illuminator from their site and though it took a little bit to get to me and it's not cheap at all (it was a total splurge on my part £35 plus shipping!), I am so happy with it. I feel so light and pretty. I put it on after a bit of foundation and before the blush. It smells like gorgeous rose water and it feels so fancy and special. :) If you're thinking about it and can do it, I would say DO IT! To boot they also sent me a slew of samples which I am so excited to try!

The next is actually an ice cream. :) Yes. I got a sample size trial from the market near the sublet I'm in at the beach for a really delicious product they are about to carry. It's called DIVINE DIPS...Premium Vegan Ice Creme. And it is DELICIOUS. I tried a flavor called Café NO-Lait. :) Other flavors include chocolate raspberry truffle, amaretto almond trio and infinite mint. Check them out if you can because it really is delicious..even if you aren't vegan.

café no-lait
chocolate raspberry truffle

Third is CANDLE.
From the same little health food market that I got the Divine Dips sample, I also picked up some divine candles. They were only 25 cents each (US) and each one does something different. One is for creativity, another for clarity, then there is love, relationship, abundance. And they are darling. And for only 25 cents, I think a steal on some good energy vibes! :) I'm sure you can find similar from a local health food shop near you.

Hope you enjoyed these bits. More to come soon. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend. I'm sitting here because we thought it was going to be stormy today...but it's sunny! See you Sunday! x♡

more saturday show ♥ the lake and stars

lipstick image from mac.com
ice cream logo and images from divinedipsicecreme.com
all other images my own

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