Wherever I end up working, be it a kitchen table, a desk, a coffee table or a desk at work, inevitably I accrue a lot of inspirational knickknacks and tchotchke  which also includes make up and maybe some lip or skin balm. And while I'm working, I sometimes shoot a picture or two or ten of these things as a little "portrait" of myself. Like a time capsule photo, if that makes sense. If I get a new lipstick that I really really really love, I will probably keep it on the table. While I write or conceptualize  for projects or dream, I'll look at it and the other things on the desk. Dunno...I've always been like this since I was a kid. I keep my favorite things or new things right there. But I think a lot of creatives do this. If you've ever gone to a studio that belongs to someone who works in a creative field, you know exactly what I mean. Well, maybe everyone does this. Anyway, I just shot a little pic of this in the dim light with my IPhone and thought it would be a good little bit for the blog. See what's on my desk....

WHAT'S ON MY DESK clockwise from left to right:
I see a lot of little lists of things I want to accomplish and bits of inspirational quotes on Post-Its. And a vintage green floral coin purse that I use as a mini jewelry bag. It's a really cute bag, but I can't remember where I got it. I think I've had it since I was a teen. I keep my favorite rings and necklaces and things like a bobby pin with a  fresh-water pearl wrapped onto it with copper wiring from Ver-Unica in San Francisco (a very posh high end vintage clothing shop my friend Cindy owns...the Traina sisters and people like Winona Ryder shop there). These are different, but they're very cute. Then there's a cherry sore throat spray and a black Sharpie marker (have those all over everywhere in every bag and box). Then I see the bottom of Cosmetics à la Carte's Shine Illuminator which I wrote about in another post. Next to that is a Starbucks giant tea and ELF's Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink. I think this balm is amazingly moisturizing and pretty. And I love the little jewel box it comes in. I always have this with me. Especially now that I'm sick and my lips keep drying out. Below that balm is the Overnight Skin Cream with Bergamot from Boots. I love the old-fashioned glass packaging. Then there's a milk chocolate colored lighter for my candles. I see Mac's Freckletone lipstick next to a Jemma Kidd lipstick in Belle de Jour (which I have not worn so much as it is really really pale). There's a moisturizing hand cream in the scent Vanilla Coconut by ELF. I love the smell, but it's not moisturizing enough at all. I need to keep reapplying. But I do love the scent. Then I have some samples from Cosmetics à la Carte. Under that (you can't really see the box) is a tinted moisturizer by Paula Dorf in the color Cannes (Why doesn't anyone review/use Paula Dorf in the vids I watch? Her products are awesome!). It makes my face really tan. Like I was in Cannes. :) Then there are two lip plumping glosses that I LOVE by Lip Fusion in the colors Sugar and Dream. Next to that in black is a Paula Dorf sheer lipstick in First Love. It's a really sweet shimmery sheer color. I love it. And there's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm, also in a really lovely old-fashioned tin. And then finally next to that are two gold-y hair clips with tiny black metal roses on them from Forever 21 (I bought them a long long time ago). Oh yeah...there's also a nail file. Crooked and chipped nails drive me crazy. If one chips, I have to take care of it immediately.

I'll probably try to get some of my interesting creative friends to show me what's on their desks, too.  And I'll definitely be writing about some of the product above in detail, like the Paula Dorf products as well as the Lip Fusion plumpers. Stay tuned...the TUESDAY TAILOR post is going to be up later! Thanks for reading, lovelies!♡

PS This isn't my desk...it's someone's coffee table that I've been using as a desk at their place...

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