Got another little tip from the same little Monique bird from Goddess.Huntress. (one day soon she'll def make her appearance on here when she slows down...the girl is mad busy...but she's doing guest  MAKEUP MONDAY posts from time-to-time because she is def a make up guru. A green make up guru.)...and this pretty little bird from NYC wanted to make sure I had seen the Prada ad campaign for the Spring 2011 collection...the video. Well, I had seen some short banner type versions of this, but I don't remember ever seeing this vid...or, as a bonus, the next one which is equally lovely. And then I found another tasty bit that I added to the bottom that I LOVE...from Miu Miu. (We heart Meow Meow...and Miuccia ! Monique and I do.) The second does show a lot of BAG...and they're all good. ;) AND, YES....they are all done amazingly well. I was wondering if these, too, are virals or if they paid YouTube an ad fee? And if they can create this kind of video ad campaign that plays all over, why would they need to pay all the magazines? Interesting...and sounds like Ratatat did the music. But not sure.

PS PS...ONE good point Monique made was that she's satisfied now that she's seen the vids because the print ads "didn't do it justice." It being the collection. And I totally agree. She also said, "Sunglasses, please!" :)♡

Above is gorgeous and so is the backstage Prada shoot video below. Just impeccable. This is branding. This is the way I like it done....

...and the gorgeous gorgeous Miu Miu Fall 2010/ 2011 ad campaign video below...with the gorgeous voice of BOY GEORGE. Love him.

more makeup monday ♥ valentino (girl)

thx, mo!

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