♥♥..♥..♥♥...THE ROYAL WEDDING...♥♥..♥..♥♥

IS HERE....! I'm going to watch The Royal Wedding and I'm excited! I think it's cool and I think it's really needed with all this depressing news going on all over the world (I don't even want to list it all...but it's A LOT and it's happening all over). I hardly ever use an actual TV set anymore. I pretty much watch everything from my Mac (did you see the first episode of the Southpark season? CRAZY!)...and if you aren't somewhere where you can sit and watch it on a TV, you can watch it on YouTube on The Official Royal Channel. I'll get the GIRL FRIDAY post up tomorrow. It's going to be a good one. xx PS I really really really want a cheesy Royal Wedding souvenir salt and pepper shaker. I guess I need to hit one of my UK friends up. YEA! Some happiness! We need some happiness!♡

Yes...I'm really wanting to see what she will wear! :)

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