YEA! I've been waiting to announce it...but NANCY GIRL is now part of the esteemed STYLELIST.COM NETWORK! WOOHOO! I'm excited because there are a lot of cool new changes/things going on over there in NYC. And I'm stoked to be a part of it! You're probably going to see some ads on here but I'm going to make sure they are as chic as the site. I don't want a million things all over the blog. But I am excited. :) 

So thanks for reading...really...I truly appreciate the people who get it. I don't cover everything and I don't care to cover everything. I don't even cover everything I like. I only cover a very specific niche of things that I think a specific type of girl (or boy) would be into. Anyway...more news soon. Thx again and hope you are having an awesome day! Going to still try to do another makeup post as I have a ton of new things to tell you about there, too! xx♡

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