If you've been watching and enjoying the vintage make up posts with videos from the lovely lady Lisa Eldridge, no doubt you have been wowed by the lovely girl model featured in the videos. She is so so so very much NANCY GIRL that I figured it best to do a Girl Friday post on her. She's really the type of model I love, too. I especially love the girls who look like mystical forest creatures. :) Clearly she's very young, like a lot of models...and she belongs to Premier, which I have already done a posting on. No doubt she's gotten a lot more attention since the videos went up as Lisa Eldridge is such a renowned make-up artist. You can see her deets here ...but I thought it would be nice to see some of her other work. When I look at her work, it looks really prolific...she can look really young and strange and a little older and very old world. In any case, I do have a lot of people to plug into the Girl Friday post. But it's probably a great time to showcase Claudia Devlin (which is also a great name)...good luck to her. We love her. I hope she gets tons of work! AND PS CLAUDIA (AND HER MOM) READ THIS BLOG. And they are as sweet as sweet can be.♡

catalogue magazine 2010 (argentina)
Photographer – Shaun Colclough
photographed by irene scioti
photographed by irene scioti
photographed by irene scioti
picture from premier model management

I found this really lovely video below featuring Claudia Devlin...it's a year old, but it's still so pretty I had to feature it.

more girl friday ♥ italians do it right

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