WHERE do art and fashion meet? And where do those two meet...cake? Things like this can be weird. But I love the visual...especially of the first video featuring designer clothing by AF Vandervorst. The rest of the designers and info are listed below...

Directed by Stephen Blaise for disc-cum-online magazine Fly16x9, the "installation" features women eating cake in real time. This is a condensed version. The designer get-ups in the video are as follows:

AF Vandevorst and Chocolate Mocha Dome
Prada and Mirror Caramel Cake
Zero Maria Cornejo and Orange White Chocolate Tiramisu Cake
Fendi and Striped Cake with Chocolate Roses
Prada and Chocolate Torte with Chantilly Cream

Kind of strange...again...the soundtrack is kind of a drag....but designer fashion and fancy cake? What's not to like? :)♡

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images from http://www.getaddictedto.com

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