The World of Henry Orient (1964) is one of those films I didn't ever hear about growing up or see on TV on late night old movie programs. I sort of discovered it by accident last year, but I was instantly a forever fan of it. I love this film. And I can't believe more people don't talk about it. This is one of the posts I've been wanting to put up for a long while, but it's a much longer one, which is why it has taken so long. There are a lot of things I love about this film...the actors (including the girls –played by Merrie Spaeth and Tippy Walker– and Peter Sellers who plays the devilish Henry Orient), the production locations/sets...all done to perfection. One thing that struck me very hard was that there are a few really distinct parallels between this film and some of Wes Anderson's work (whom and which I love), in particular The Royal Tenenbaums

Take for example this scene in the clip just above where she is walking through the snowy park. It's so so beautiful. It's a New York a lot of people who don't live there ever see. New York does get quiet at some points of the year and it does seem deserted at those times. I know in The Royal Tenenbaums commentary, methinks, Anderson says he wanted to show a different side of New York that most people don't see...the un-cliché side of NYC, if you will. That's the way Henry Orient is shot, too.

But in regards to fashion, the most major thing I noticed was one of the main characters, Valarie "Val" Campbell Boyd,  looks like the influence for Margot Tenenbaum...down to the preppy wardrobe, flat bob and signature mink coat. Val wears this outfit in the entire film. I mean, when you look at the young Margot and Val, how can one not be influenced by the other?

It also has some kind of tie to the whole Beatles take over when they came to the US. I think that's some of where the film's base comes from. This is a really sweet film and a really gorgeous film and something that would make for great inspiration for future shoots or campaigns, in fact. I love the friendship and characters of Gil and Val. They're adorable. I also particularly love the bus ride at the beg of the film, but could not find a clip. I imagine Mr. Wes Anderson probably watched this film as a kid, which is why I see so much influence. Which is fine. I think we all pay homage to our childhood likes. If you get a chance and want a lazy Sunday film...try and watch The World of Henry Orient. :) Costume Design was by Ann Roth. (This film was also nominated for two Golden Globes back in the day.)♡

PS...I GET A lot of hits on here for people googling what shoes Margot Tenenbaum wears...they're basic basic school girl penny loafers. I have a Gucci pair that look exactly the same. (Her coat in the film was provided by Fendi, btw, in case you were wondering. I will find out where Val's coat comes from.)

movie posters

one of the gorgeous scenes...probably in Central Park (which is lovely)
a promo pic. love it.
Tippy as Val with her mink.
Margot...as Val?
Margot Tenenbaum in her signature mink by Fendi (yep).

i have to find the credits for these images!

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