When I was a little kid...not super little, but still in single digits I think....I used to come straight home from school, have some cookies and milk or ice cream sandwiches my mom had made for us, and then go straight to the TV to watch videos and record my favorite ones. I still have all these videos that are my childhood curated videos...

I do remember when Neneh Cherry came on the scene and I LOVED her. Especially her style and the style of her videos. It's not as girly maybe, per se, as the other GIRL FRIDAYS on Nancy Girl. But I love the dookie chains and big hair and full lips and the songs. 

Though Buffalo Stance was def the most played of all the videos, I used to love Kisses on the Wind and Manchild. When you watch Manchild, please pay attention to the supporting cast...this is the era of Culture Club and the insanely successful clothing line BOY LONDON (not a Boy George thing, but certain influenced by it). The men in the video are styled to a tee...amazing amazing. Especially the one on the right of your screen....full Hip Hop jewelry, gold cap and what looks a lot to me like vintage Gaultier...I mean, it looks so much like stuff Gaultier used to design for his diffusion line(s) for the boys and girls who went clubbing (Junior Gaultier). In any case, they are GORGEOUS. Can't imagine living as an adult and turning a corner to see a crew of boys dressed like that. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. (And PS in Persian, when you say "neneh,"  it's like saying aaah-how-cute. Like, to a baby or a cute puppy.♡

Love that sort of Puerto Rican girl in the vid:

gorgeous golden boys coming up next:

neneh in buffalo stance. love the dollar sign medallion.
$$$...looks very much like something jeremy scott would do now (and prob has), but, alas, it was done before. and probably by gaultier. even better is i think that's mickey mouse in the middle of the dollars. mickey mouse, $ and door knockers. amazing.
one of her face covers. the face was like the best magazine in the world at that time. i got to write for them 3 times before that lovely magazine folded. that's another story for another time.
back cover on her CD
really gorgeous shot. maybe from an old paper magazine?
$ earrings. LOVE
vintage Junior Gaultier dress
vintage Junior Gaultier dress

more girl friday ♥ mulberry campaign

images from nenehcherry.de
images of junior gaultier from houseofliza.tumblr.com

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