I LOVE this new campaign for Mulberry. I think the last one had a couple of girls standing on chairs feeding cupcakes to each other? (SAY WHAT?) It was as bad as it sounds. I know they had a vision, but maybe they didn't have the right crew to execute it. This new campaign, as much as it reminds me of a a Miu Miu thing or something, is so girl and odd and edge that it works perfectly. You could tape all of these ads onto your walls  or frame them and put them in your bathroom and they'd look gorgeous for years to come. It's that gorgeous and girly. The branding is impeccably done. I've been having some struggles trying to explain what true branding is to the people I'm working with. Just making a campaign look young using typical models running around in a forest and using crazy all-over-the-place writing does not make it a good campaign. You might get some attention, but you're not necessarily helping the brand. Once you have something as gorgeous and right-on as this new Mulberry campaign, however, it all becomes so much easier to tell the story in future campaigns. Lindsey Wixson looks adorable, but I hardly recognized her. Though, she is very young and of course her young teen looks will morph eventually. The other model is Nimue Smit. And she looks perfectly doll here. It's shot by Tim Walker (love it) and I'm needing to find out who the styling team were here. Because without the perfect clothing and prop stylists, it wouldn't have come together the way it has. I really hope to do some campaigns that are more along the lines of true branding with iconic-ly trend-setting images again. Fingers crossed. :) ♡

more friday fancy ♥ t-rex "the slider"

images from http://www.fashionising.com

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