MARC JACOBS SPRING HAS SPRUNG ! I know everyone is in love with MJ, or almost everyone and seeing his stuff isn't new or anything...because it's on every blog out there. But I really love love love the spring collection and it's available to buy! These pieces are more amazing in person. I don't know if all of you have gone into a Marc Jacobs store and looked at the pieces before...but if you haven't, please do. Because the pieces are insanely gorgeous in person. Like rockstar girlfriend clothes. :) In any case, I know you'll appreciate these pieces on Nancy Girl, because they are so so Nancy Girl. Girly, sweet, sexy and chic. ♡

fairytale garden dress
or tea party?
a dress you can wear until you're a grandmother!
fantastic for any outfit....in the spring or summer.
so so cute polka-dot ballerina flats
the cutest ballerina flat
this dress doesn't really translate in this pic...
and not from the back, either...
but i love the print because it reminds me of my favorite 60s and 70s vintage dresses...
but look how amazing this dress is when it's on!

more tuesday tailor ♥ alexandre vauthier

all images from http://colette.fr

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